Take Action Now to Improve Your Business' Financial Health

 It is magnificent to take action to improve the financial health of your business. Everyone has heard stories about celebrities, athletes or trust fund babies who have lost millions of dollars due to their inability to have a clear understanding of their financial condition. This also happens in the business context. I have often been amazed at how many of my business clients have no idea what is the financial condition of their businesses. I ask them for sales figures or about their receivables and payables aging and I am given blank stares in response....more

Spring Into Action in the Face of Fear

It is magnificent to spring into action in the face of fear! There are many situations in life that require a person to take action, and to take that action, now even in the face of fear. Fear is commonly defined as the state of being afraid or apprehensive. Taking action now means that you move and do what needs doing, now.  Fear, if left unchecked, unchallenged and free to roam, makes it difficult to take action now. The next time you have something to do that causes you to feel fear, find your courage and take action anyway....more

Take Action Now and Find the Next Step

It is magnificent to spring into action and take action now by figuring out what should be the next step. In order to be successful you need to both take action now and be on the look out for what your next steps should be....more

Love Taking Action, Because Faith Without Work is Dead

I am part of a few accountability circles. One I formed with two women after a conference last October. We had some starts and stops and we are still working our way through how to make the group work, but we are working it out. I have another accountability group formed with two business partners. We are informal in our interaction, but we hold each other accountable and provide each other with encouragement and support....more

Stop Procrastination - Take Action Now and Succeed

People tend to like to plan, to create plans to design solutions to problems and situations. I have a friend who has been planning a business for the entire ten years that I know her. She has notebooks full of plans and designs. When she fills up one notebook she copies the most important or best plans into a new notebook and plans some more. When computers and laptops became commodity priced items, she began to copy her notebooks into computer files. On the computer she would search the internet and plan, plan and plan....more

What's the Secret to Making 2013 YOUR Best Year Ever?

I'd have to say that 2012 has been one of my best years, and I know without a doubt that it's due to something that changed within me. You've heard it before, and I'm going to say it again:  ATTITUDE.  Yes, it turns out, Attitude is Everything, and we ALL have the power to get there.  Now don’t stop reading because you think you’ve heard it before…give me a chance to explain:...more

Magnificent Monday How to Take Action - Be Scared But Move

Magnificent Monday - it is magnificent to be scared, but still take action and move....more

Magnificent Monday - Using Vision Boards to Take Action Now

Magnificent Monday - it is magnificent to use vision boards to help you take action now. Each Magnificent Monday throughout the month of November has been dedicated to the idea of getting  to TAN -Take Action Now.  Most people have things they want to accomplish, goals they would like to reach and journeys they would like to make. There is one thing stopping them, a refusal to TAN, take action now. The first Magnificent Monday article in November was about, why you should TAN....more

Magnificent Monday -Make a Plan - Get TAN

Magnificent Monday - it is magnificent to make a plan and take action now....more

Female Genital Mutilation - Just Stop It.

I directed a documentary film on female genital mutilation entitled "The Cut" which was released earlier this week. ...more