What I Learned from Taking a Blogging Vacation

Last week I decided to take a week-long hiatus from blogging and social media. It was the longest I've been offline aside from when I had my baby back in November. ...more

When You're in the Water of Motherhood

When you are in the water, you don’t know you are wet. You don’t feel the wetness. You don’t actually feel how wet you really are until you are out of the water. Or if you are dry and get splashed by the water, then you are sensitive to the wetness. But, when you are in the midst of the wetness… immersed… drowning even… you don’t feel wet. There is just water all around you....more
Thank you for the kind words, Cristi! There are time I feel that way too! Wouldn't it be nice ...more

nerd alert

The other day I read a tweet that referenced a "second day."  It seemed to be talking about something refreshing and restorative, and because I like all things refreshing and restorative, I decided to click over to see what it was all about.  You can read the post here, but my paraphrase is as follows: ...more

Techno Overload

The day before my husband, Marc, and I were to leave for vacation, unexpectedly we lost the internet at our house. He tried everything he could to restore it, but unfortunately, he was not successful. With everything else that we needed to do before our trip, we decide to not worry about it, and instead deal with it when we returned home.As Marc and I rode to the airport, both carrying our BlackBerrys and laptops, I said to him, "In a way, yesterday was so nice. It felt so good to be forced to disconnect for a little bit.""I know," he replied....more