Responding to the Call of Self-Love

What is Self-Love?For me, Self-Love means that I am making my needs a priority in my life.Society teaches women to put the needs of others in front of ourselves.  For years I did that.  Work came first.  When I married, my husband came first.  Then when my daughter was born her needs also came before mine....more

Introduction to BlogHer- Healthy Hair Aficionados Unite!

     If you're reading this, thanks for sharing your time with me. I'm Lei, and I'm passionate about healthy hair. I titled my Blog "Our Tiaras" because I want to revisit a movement that many have been vocal about and visible with: loving our hair. I am an African-American woman, but this blog is designed to transcend that. Healthy hair is something that any woman can appreciate, regardless of the social construct that we call race....more
I love this blog and I will have lots to share!! I like that you have a journal. I never really ...more

The Power of a Pedicure

There is something elemental about a pedicure.  Not the neon bright colors that often adorn the toenails, nor the callus grater they use to scrub the skin to baby-butt soft, it’s about touch.  Pedicures are about making a human connection.  That and the opportunity to have your toes look like a traffic cone.As a mother, it is often hard to justify an hour of the day devoted to self.  The guilt overshadows the need for rejuvenation....more

What's so Perfect About Perfect Attendance

I’ve always found it amazing when I read about someone who has perfect attendance.  I am truly fascinated about the employees I’ve seen receive awards for perfect attendance.  It’s not so much how they do it that baffles me.  It’s why they would do it. ...more

Awww, thanks for reading and making a comment my daughter.