Audaciously nourish yourself

Pregnancy is a great excuse to finally take good care of yourself!...more

Embracing Your Inner Cruise Director--Or Not

We’ve had a busy few months with a lot of travel and visitors, and throughout it all, the same themes keep popping up. One is just how different Ken and I are in some pretty fundamental ways. For example, he’s an extrovert at heart, someone who should be out and about in the world, not stuck in the basement, working from home. And while I’m not exactly a shrinking violet myself, if I don’t balance my social time with some serious downtime, I quickly start to short out. ...more

Pampering (or, a glass of wine solves everything)

The last couple of weeks have been utterly crazy. I can't even believe we survived. Really. Between getting packed up and ready for vacation with a toddler, enduring a visit to Urgent Care in an unknown city, and bottle weaning, I feel like I've aged five-years in the last three weeks....more

I Promised Her I Would Take Better Care of Myself

I’ve had an issue with food since I was about three years old. One of my earliest memories is sneaking into the kitchen, peeling away the gold foil on the stick of Blue Bonnet margarine and biting into it with reckless abandon. Yes, this is a true story. When you are left home with a schizophrenic mother while your siblings are off at school and your father is at work -- well, you find comfort where you can. Apparently, at three, you can find solace in partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. ...more

What a gift, both your growing awareness and her parting wish for your health and ...more

thoughts on being nice to yourself

So yesterday I was doing the lazy walk around Target. I strapped babydear in. Gave little man strict instructions (no yelling for toys, no screaming and crying, be nice to your sister....more

Starting a Healthy Midlife Tradition

Midlife is full of nostalgia. Sharing memories of friendship, laughter and school. Remembering the all-night study sessions, the all-night parties and all the mornings after. Homecoming weekend and final exams. Your first date, a marriage, your first child -- year after year of life's greatest moments. Conversations at midlife are filled with "remember when" and "back-in-the-day." ...more

My Life Needs a Rainy Season to End the Drought

The rains came this weekend, washing clean the dust of the summer, the soot from the wildfires and any remaining fear of new fires being kindled. In Northern California, the rainy season starts almost like clockwork on or around Halloween.   ...more