Walking On The Grass

Ever since The Don was able to walk, he always liked to walk on the grass.  I don't know what attract him to walk on the grass but when I tell him not to walk on the grass; he would try to walk on the grass anyway.  I try to explain to him that you shouldn’t walk on the grass because you might step in dog poop....more

On Taking Risks and Being Brave

A few months back, my high school friend Mary Catherine did a lovely interview with me for her blog, Starr Struck.In the interview, she mentioned that she'd always considered me to be comfortable with myself, and comfortable taking risks. This was both wonderful and surprising to read....more

How to Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

As a culture, we’ve become uncomfortable with the notion of being uncomfortable. We’ll do a lot of things to avoid being emotionally or physically uncomfortable. Some of these things are small, like going the long way on the backroads to avoid waiting in traffic. Others are bigger, like lying to ourselves about who we are so we don’t have to face the things we don’t like about ourselves. ...more
Great post! I am not generally a risk taker and I tend to get defensive about things as well. I ...more

When to Follow Your Calling vs What's Expected

When does it make sense to go with the flow and when does it make sense to break from the status quo and all comfort zones and enter a new turning point in your career? I personally have been fascinated by people's career journeys. As in "how did you end up where you are today?" It is very rarely a direct, logical path (you know, like they tell you it "should" be in college). This thoughtful and inspiring personal post from Lauren Bacon talks about her own turning points. ...more
Purpose drive career change via BlogHer: When to Follow Your Calling vs What's Expected ...more

Great Risks and Great Rewards

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is, "Do you believe the saying that with great risks come great rewards?"I think this is terribly cliche. I also think it is terribly true....more
@alienbody Totally makes sense! You have to be willing to accept "no." I totally calculate all ...more

Leap, Anyway

So.. sometimes.. you just gotta roll with it....more

Life Is Unsafe, So Why Not Take Risks?

I recently met with a group of doctors who gather at Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen’s house monthly to discuss a variety of topics and seek meaning in medicine and in the human experience. The topic of the month was “Safety,” our quest for it, our desire for it and, as we discovered, our complete inability to attain it, given the certainty of uncertainty. ...more
Gorgeous piece, Lissa. I'm sorry for that triple-whammy -- what a horrible time in your life. ...more

In praise of fresh herbs, and taking risks

Now that my herb garden is growing successfully, we have started to incorporate some of the fresh herbs into our daily meals. We snip a few chives into our omelets, tear up some basil leaves and scatter them over our pizza before baking, add fresh oregano to our pasta sauces, and toss parsley and sweet basil in with our salad greens. ...more

The Path

Sometimes we don't know where we're headed.  Actually, most of the time.  This is especially hard if you're one of those people who likes to know where they're going-all of the time.  Like me. I'm not much of a risk ta...more

Taking Risks

Luke 19:11-28 I have a friend who says he is an "agnostic" and so he does not do anything to help people, or for his own spiritual growth--he simply stays in the middle.  This parable calls us to act. People say that as I grow older I take more chances, and I do--because life is short and God wants us to live life to its fullest--we can double what God has given us by treating everyone with mercy and generosity, and by telling people about Jesus in the hope that they too will embrace the reign of God. Let's take some risk for the reign of God! Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!...more