Talk with Your Kids about Masturbation

Perhaps you don't feel comfortable with the idea of your child masturbating or self-pleasuring, let alone talking to her about it, but not only can masturbation help your child develop a healthy and positive relationship with her own body, it can support her in avoiding unwanted, negative sexual encounters....more

My Kid Found My Sex Toys and Is Asking Questions!

Imagine you're talking with your 14-year-old daughter when, without warning, she asks about sex toys. "Why do people have them?" she wants to know. "Who uses them?" Despite being taken off-guard, you manage to keep yourself collected, explaining that sex is natural between consenting adults, but that a partner is not a requirement for experiencing pleasure, and that sexual aids can even help partners have a more enjoyable sexual experience together. Then, your daughter drops a bomb on you: "I found your box of 'sexual aids.'" ...more
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