When tragedy strikes

What do you tell your children when a tragedy strikes in our world?How do you respond when tragedy hits?Do you let them watch the news coverage?Have you ever considered going to help where the help is needed?...more


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Supporting Children After Sandy Hook Tragedy

Tragic events happen in the world every day and with today's age of information technology images and reports are readily available on television and social media. Twenty first graders were killed by a gunman in their classroom and now their faces are posted all over Facebook, Instagram and the local and national news. It's on the radio. It's what we are talking about in public and in private. This makes it impossible to avoid talking to our children about what happened....more

Telling the children about tragedy

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The Newtown Tragedy and What I Will Say to Our Three Young Sons

I keep going over what I am going to say to my boys about today's tragedy in Newtown when they get home.I am raising three young men. When something like this happens it is nearly always a man who has done it and I cannot help it, I am human, and I think about the gunman's mother.I think about what pain the person had been inflicted with while they were developing, not that it is an excuse. What lessons the parents missed teaching. I think about losing your son. He was her little baby in a hospital gown getting that first picture taken....more