Remembering Emmanuel

One area that I know I have trouble in is praying without ceasing. (1Thes 5:17) I think most people would admit it too. It’s just too easy to be caught up in the things that make up our day. It’s not that we live sinful lives, or we don’t want to remember God always, but we have jobs to do and they require our full attention....more

My take on a loving God.

  I would like to think that God and I were always pretty close. My parents never seemed to ever give God any time or attention, and despite growing up with these seemingly Godless people as role models, it seems to me that God and I have been searching for one another most of my life. I remember talking to him when I was younger, before I really understood and loved him like I do now. My love for God grows by leaps and bounds, and I am learning more and more from him every day. ...more