(VIDEO) Texas Mom Murders Her Two Autistic Children -- What Do You Say to Your Kids?

A 30-year-old woman in Irving, Texas, called 911 on Monday and told dispatchers she had just murdered her two children, ages two and five.  A tape of the phone call records the mother saying that she tried to poison them with bathroom cleaner and strangled them with a wire when they refused to drink it. ...more

I mulled over whether or not to respond to this one for quite a while. In the end, I decided ...more

Stop, look and listen

Something I've learned the value of as a parent is to stop, look and listen when my child takes the time to communicate with me.Stop: This means, stop what I am doing if possible. The dishes can wait, the phone call can be delayed for a few minutes, everything I have on my mind, can just stop for a few minutes....more