How to Make the Perfect Nacatamale

Soul Food It means different things to different people.  My people are of French-Canadian stock and think of Tortierre and Maple butter on fresh homemade bread.  For my partner, whose family is from Nicauragua, it's Nacatamales. ...more

Fairway Market - Latin Table Line Product Review

It’s no secret that Fairway Market is one of our favorite stores; we mention it often here at House of Bedlam....more

Simple, Kid-Friendly, Sweet Tamales

  Not many people have tried sweet tamales. However, growing up, my grandma always made sweet tamales for us kids. I loved those sweet raisin-filled tamales as a kid and as a mom I wanted to share this childhood treat with my own children. Unfortunately my kids aren’t fond of raisins, so off to the test kitchen I went. ...more

Me comí en El Rey de Taco

Me comí en El Rey de Taco...more

An American Pastime

Today ends the third week of hubby being in Oregon. Only two to go and I realized the list I compiled for myself at the beginning of his trip, the list of things I wanted to do while he was gone, is still completely intact. In fact, I think it's gotten longer....more

Time and Tamales

Time, my ultimate love-language. Some women want gifts or sweet talk. Those things are nice, but all I really crave is ample time with the people I love. ...more