Unpacking What's In Your Tampon Box

Many consumers have gotten savvier about paying attention to the food and beauty products they toss into their grocery carts each week....more

My Personal Confidence is Leaking

I think it’s safe to say I’ve never scared: anyone.Five foot five. Birkenstocks with socks. My wrists have the circumference of an Oreo cookie.Not scary.Or am I?It’s a quiet moment in the restroom of a charming professional building in Portland, Oregon. Flowered wallpaper and cozy, golden sconces.Then I turn my head. The alarm sounds.PLEASE DISPOSE OF FEMININE PRODUCTS IN THE RECEPTACLE PROVIDED!!!!!(The bold, all caps, and garden trail of exclamation points are not mine.)...more

Toxic Chemicals in Pads and Tampons? Time to Detox the Box

Toxic chemicals don’t belong in feminine products. Period. They especially don’t belong in the top-selling brands Tampax and Always, where they have the potential to harm the health of the millions of women using those pads and tampons.Women's Voices for the Earth needed a fun way to get this message across to millions of women—after all, no one wants to talk about pads and tampons in polite company, much less about harmful chemicals in those products and what they could be doing to our ladyparts.So we had to get creative....more

My take on tampon ads

Tampon commercials, and any other advertisements for “feminine hygiene products”, are a bit odd. For one thing, they seem to be aimed at women who have no other concerns with their life than if they are going to get to wear white clothing that day. There are never the more realistic commercials of “ if you wear X pad + a tampon big enough to be mistaken for a sheep, then you might only stain you pajamas as opposed to having to strip and remake the bed”....more
I think tampon commercials are much better today then they used to be. The ladies seem happy in ...more

You Deserve Free Tampons in Public Restrooms

It's whispered from woman to woman between bathroom stalls, a slight tinge of oh shit in the undertone: Do you have a tampon? From the New Jersey Turnpike to a Chili's in Sacramento, thousands of women find themselves daily with their panties around their ankles, cursing the fact that they're miles from their tampon stash. ...more
tasteful I'm not sure free tampons is necessary but I don't understand your logic. We aren't ...more

Thesis: Menstrual Protection Products and Modern Society

Rest easy, this this really isn’t a graduate thesis on period products, though I sure feel like I could write one, as much as I have read and written about them over the years.  Just in the recent past alone, I have blogged on the history of internally worn products, provided facts to address myths and false information found online about periods and puberty, and responded to questions about changing period needs.  Along with blogging, I have answered hundreds of period questions and, once upon a time ago, I was even been a monthly user. ...more
@HomeRearedChef miss you and hope to read more when things quiet down!more

How Green is Your Period?

You recycle. You compost. You buy local, support your CSA, and save gasoline whenever possible.  But... er... how green is your period?  Are you taking that mindfulness to the pads and tampons you use (or don't use) during your monthly flow? ...more
Diva cup and reusable pads for heavy days (just in case). I live in a developing country, so ...more

Camp Gyno: Periods, Knowledge, and Power

If you haven't heard of it by now, you've clearly been without internet access for a few days. A tampon commercial is going viral on social media. I'm happy to present this piece by my friend C.S. Jack who gives a thoughtful analysis of why so many people (especially adult women) are impressed with it....more
Also, it would be better if the ad promoted reusable pads and menstrual cups, but I know that's ...more

When it comes to vaginas, the veil of silence seems to be lifting. Yes, I said vagina.

Women tend make their feminine hygiene brand decisions in their 20s and never look back. Tampons are considered to be a very brand-loyal product category....more

Teens, Tampax, Swimming and MOMS

This is the time of year that many teen girls consider using tampons for the first time because they want to swim with their friends, and do more types of other outdoor water activities, such as boating, water skiing, water tubing, canoeing, kayaking, water parks, etc.   ...more