Disney Tangled Tower Pinata

 Tangled Tower Pinata Tutorial ...more

Disney Cage Match: Frozen vs. Brave vs. Tangled

Yesterday, on Facebook, I found out just how serious we all are about our modern Disney movies. While the older cartoons get ALL of the free passes, our developing society now requires more social conscience in our films, and we are absolutely right to demand it. In that vein, Disney has come out with several kickass princesses in the past few years. Could they do even better? Sure! Is it nice to take Merida, though, and compare her to Cinderella to pat ourselves on the back about how far we've come? Yes, let's do it. No problems detected....more

Disney on ice: Dare To Dream

Family Movies: Where Are All the Girls?

I first really noticed it with Bee Movie, which came out in 2007. The movie's creators made a number of notable revisions to the way bee societies actually operate. Most glaringly, they changed the sex of all of the worker bees -— which are female in the real world -— to be male and gave them the appropriately masculine name “pollen jocks.” ...more

If you had seen Tangled, you would know that the male character is not a prince- more like a ...more

Get Mandy Moore's Dress for Less! Enter to Win It!

Hello friends and blog readers! We are very excited about the launch of our new blog today! As a treat we'd like to giveaway our V-Neck Dolman Sleeve Dress to one lucky winner who likes and/or comments on this post saying how they'd wear the dress....more

It's the End of the Disney Princess Fairy Tale, But It Ain't Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, in a magical land with more or less excellent public transportation, lived a woman on a ground floor apartment facing the street. One day as her practically-clad feet glided down the sidewalk, she stopped to marvel at an advertisement in a bus shelter. The ad depicted what she thought was a very mean-looking cartoon female sneering through a mass of yellow-blond hair with a handsome cartoon guy at her side. It seemed that the ad was for the newest Disney Princess Spectacular Extravaganza Event Designed to Make Girls Everywhere Squeal and Beg for Toys and Princess Costumes, Tangled. The woman then learned from the LA Times that Disney is ending the Princess Spectacular Extravaganza Event Designed to Make Girls Everywhere Squeal and Beg for Toys and Princess Costumes era. ...more

I hope that her "Prince Charming" if female. Because I know for sure that all the lavender ...more