Tangled Tuesday No. 19

Slowly, slowly, I'm getting back into the tangling groove after coming to a near standstill due to a bout of tangle fatigue. ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 18

Remember when I told you that last week's Tangled Tuesday post was going to be a little sparse? ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 17

For whatever reason, I struggled with a bit of tangling fatigue this week, and didn't get as much accomplished as I'd planned on doing. But what's worse is that I kind of had to fight my way through a lot of what I did work on, and wasn't overly happy with some of the end results. So I'm afraid today's Tangled Tuesday post is going to be a little sparse... ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 16

Well, this week I hit the 500 posts milestone on Ten Thousand Tangles. ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 15

Has it already been a week since my last Tangled Tuesday post?! It's sure been a busy one, full of fun and socializing and ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 14

It seems as though I've been moving in slow motion ever since I returned home from BlogHer '14, and as a result I'm getting buried deeper and deeper in my personal "To Do" list. I feel like I need another week off work - without any other commitments such as traveling across the continent to attend a blog conference! - just to get caught up on life. ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 13

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig! Yes, I'm back in Windsor after a whirlwind trip across the continent to San Jose, California for BlogHer '14. ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 12

This has been a rather fun week of tangling, due in part to a last-minute pre-BlogHer '14 creative project that was sparked by a link (along with a not-so-subtle suggestion!) sent my way by a friend and taken on by yours truly. I can't share it with you just yet, as I'm not quite finished... ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 11

There is definitely a LOT to be said for being open and honest about your struggles - whether to yourself, either in thought or written in a private journal... or perhaps to a partner or friend... or, as I did in last week's post, to a very supportive blog readership. :) ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 10

Although I've done a decent amount of tangling this week, I'm afraid I'm approaching today's Tangled Tuesday post from a place of slight discouragement. Oh, I'm still deeply in love with tangling... ...more