Tangled Tuesday No. 12

This has been a rather fun week of tangling, due in part to a last-minute pre-BlogHer '14 creative project that was sparked by a link (along with a not-so-subtle suggestion!) sent my way by a friend and taken on by yours truly. I can't share it with you just yet, as I'm not quite finished... ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 11

There is definitely a LOT to be said for being open and honest about your struggles - whether to yourself, either in thought or written in a private journal... or perhaps to a partner or friend... or, as I did in last week's post, to a very supportive blog readership. :) ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 10

Although I've done a decent amount of tangling this week, I'm afraid I'm approaching today's Tangled Tuesday post from a place of slight discouragement. Oh, I'm still deeply in love with tangling... ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 9: Canada Day Edition!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! It was rather nice that the holiday fell on a Tuesday this year, combining with my usual Monday off to give me a whole bunch of free time - a four day weekend, if you please! - to ease myself back into tangling after a break to prepare for and visit with our houseguests. ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 8

Well... I mentioned in my previous Tangled Tuesday post that "taking a bit of a break" to enjoy visiting with our houseguests was my sole tangling goal for the week, and I most certainly fulfilled it! ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 7

This was a slightly more productive week in my corner of the tangling world than the one I wrote about in ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 6

Well, another Tangled Tuesday has arrived... and it appears as though I have to start off with a bit of a confession! After ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 5

Even though the weather has been lovely and I've spent quite a bit of time outside taking advantage of the sunshine, blue skies, and generally perfect temperatures, it's still been a very productive week in my little corner of the tangling world. I'm anxious to share it all with you, so welcome to another Tangled Tuesday on Alphabet Salad! ...more
SunbonnetSmart.com Thank you so much for your kind words, Robin! :)more

Tangled Tuesday No. 4

This is the I made the first sales in my brand new Ten Thousand Tangles Zazzle shop and I'm SO EXCITED! edition of Tangled Tuesday... welcome! Hope you enjoy this week's tangling fun! Tangling Goodies ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 3

It's Tangled Tuesday once again! While personally-speaking I have to say that it's been a rather rough week (as you'll know if you've been following Alphabet Salad regularly), some fairly momentous things have taken place, tangling-wise (at least I think they're momentous!). Lots of exciting news and updates to be revealed, so here we go! ...more