Trying Thursday...Temper Tantrums

"No, I won't go!""I want that toy ~ I'm not leaving until I get it!"Have you heard these statements before?What happens when you refuse to give in?Enter now ~ crying, whining, screaming, laying on the floor, kicking....sigh.....the "joys" of a temper tantrum.My children both went through this stage. It was not easy, embarrassment seemed a daily occurrence at times. I wish I could say I was always strong and won all the battles, but I can't....more

Taming Tantrums with the Three Ds

www.TheIntrospectiveMom.comYesterday, when we were pulling into our garage, my oldest son insisted that I pull the car back out so that he could “see the big trees” through the car window. However, as I explained to him, I was unwilling to do that, because baby brother was crying and we needed to get inside. This set off a tantrum the likes of which I have never seen before. In fact, baby brother stopped having his own tantrum, only because he was so fascinated by brother’s tantrum (hopefully, he’s not taking notes)....more

The Fight for (Toddler) Independence

 My little boy is growing up!...more

ADHD? Autism? Tantrums? There's an app for that!

If you child has ADHD, autism or even just plain tantrums, you've now got help on your iPhone. Yep, if you need to transform into your own supernanny, there's an app for that.Billing itself as a tool to teach parents and caregivers when to intervene, "Behavior Breakthroughs(tm)" uses game-based technology to train parents and caregivers to deal with disruptive behavior. There's only Level 1 right now, but apparently more extensive programs are scheduled to be released later this year....more

I just read your blog, and I am excited to share a new organization that I just started, ...more

Peaceful and Stress-free travel with kids

      I recently read an article about the challenges of flying with young children and was not surprised to hear that parents experience high levels of stress and anxiety from the experience; however, I was amazed at how much anger and resentment other passengers directed at the traveling parents.  Some readers commented that parents were “selfish” to travel with young kids and that the kids should be “drugged” with Benadryl. ...more

Losing It at Starbucks

After dropping Brandon, my 9 year old, off at the bus stop this morning, I took my 4 year old twins to Starbucks. Going to Starbucks with Aidan and McKenna is always a crap shoot. Are they going to spill? Is one of them going to have a meltdown? Lately, however, they had been great, so I thought I could handle it. The first 15 minutes went very smoothly. Aidan got a bacon/egg breakfast sandwich and a hot chocolate. McKenna asked for her usual, a slice of lemon loaf and a hot chocolate. I got my giant Venti Latte. We found a table by the window and sat down. ...more