The time I wanted to crawl in a hole and disappear

In parenting there are good moments and bad.  There are amazing wonderful moments and ones you wish you could erase from your memory completely.  As I mentioned to my cousin {who is only weeks away from becoming a father for the first time} the other night, being a parent can best be described as a roller coaster. Friday afternoon I experienced one of the low moments.  The girls and I had a birthday party to attend for the daughter of one of my friends.  It was going to be at a local children's museum we'd been to several times before. ...more

Why Moms Might Not Talk to Each Other

Here's how it sometimes feels to be a mom, and why we can't seem to call on our support group of other moms when we most need to....- Everyone else's kids seem perfect. They're so good, quiet, smart, well-behaved. Often your tales of having to drag your spawn out of the grocery store while they screamed bloody murder are met with blank stares.- Since your kids are only kids, you are betting you are the problem. That's embarrassing....more

Kindergarten Kids - Ignore It

Problem: ...more

Kindergarten Kids - Entitlement

Problem: Your kid is entitled (and by your kid, I mean my kids). He's so entitled. You give him a toy plane (oh, I don't know, for example) and instead of saying thank you and playing with the plane, he finds some way to make an issue out of it so he can tantrum. Perhaps his sister's plane has more green on it (you know, for instance), or he can't fly it perfectly the first time he tries (like I said, just throwing things out there. Sigh....more

Kindergarten Kids - Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Problem: ...more

What Do You Do With Spirited Children?

"Mama, I don't like the doctor appointment."My daughter said that sullenly as we walked out of the door of the pediatrician's office this afternoon.They didn't get any shots, and they usually love the doctor (weirdos), but this time it took an emotional toll.After the weighing and the eyes and ears, the doctor came in. And she checked them physically and said everything was fine with a big old beam on her face....more

Preschool Pointers - 40: Ask the Obvious Question

Problem:I don’t know if your kids are like mine, but if they are, they might sometimes need to work themselves up into a tantrum. I mean, sometimes the premise is so ridiculous they have to spend some quality time even convincing themselves it’s worthwhile to cry about....more

Tantrums, Troubles, and the Terrible Two's

My sweet, easy going, baby girl, turned two one day. ...more

Preschool Pointers - 36 - Love the Tantrum

I'm in a complicated phase with one of my little girls. She is dying for approval, and goes about getting it by acting out. Which means I can't give it to her. Which spirals her out of control, because she just wants me to love her GAWD. It's a horrid cycle and I'm looking for ways to break it. In that vein...Problem:...more

Preschool Pointers - 30: Just Take It All Away

Problem:You try to do something nice for your kids and instead of showing any modicum of gratitude, they make little, tiny problems into the most important priority, arguing, fighting, crying and generally making a mess of this. Spoiled? Yeah, but weird, right? Because it's not like you consciously spoil them.Solution:...more