7 magical steps to handle toddler tantrums

Tantrums. One word that summarizes pretty well the third year of a child’s existence, and the pain that parents have to go through.No matter how ready, patient, quiet, supportive, attentive, cheerful a mom could be, when the tantrums hit, she will lose her mind....more

10 Ways to Battle a Tantrum

I have two boys under the age of 4, so tantrums are a way of life for us. It can be quite difficult dealing with them, but we've learned 10 good tips to help battle them and keep you sane at the same time....more

Do You Really Need to Know Why They're Crying? (Spoiler: Nope.)

New parents have it rough sometimes. Babies cry -- a lot. I've often found myself thinking it'd be so much easier if my little one could just tell me why she's upset. Then I could fix the problem and everything would be wonderful, right? Wrong. ...more
Hey, thanks so much for sharing my post! Now, if anyone has any advice on how to deal when your ...more

How to Handle Tantrums LIKE A BOSS!

Tantrums got you down?Whether it's in the privacy of your own home or in the middle of a restaurant, dealing with tantrums can be daaaang tricky.You know the feeling - you sense it coming on, your blood pressure starts creeping up, and before you know it you've got a screaming, flailing toddler on your hands...Yeah.  Super fun.But there is an easier way!...more

Breaking Bananas (and Other Ways to End the World)

“I thought you all should know that the world is ending,” my friend wrote in his Facebook status. “The reason the world is ending is because I broke the bananas and poured the yogurt on top instead of slicing the bananas and mixing the yogurt into them.”...more

Handle With Care: Contents Fragile

This post began as a book recommendation, but there's a story before you get there. I want to set up the scene because it's crucial to have a feeling for the watershed moment that preceded me searching and finding this particular book. The realization that I needed a new playbook was almost as important as the book itself....more

Why Moms Might Not Talk to Each Other

Here's how it sometimes feels to be a mom, and why we can't seem to call on our support group of other moms when we most need to....- Everyone else's kids seem perfect. They're so good, quiet, smart, well-behaved. Often your tales of having to drag your spawn out of the grocery store while they screamed bloody murder are met with blank stares.- Since your kids are only kids, you are betting you are the problem. That's embarrassing....more

Kindergarten Kids - Ignore It

Problem: ...more

Kindergarten Kids - Entitlement

Problem: Your kid is entitled (and by your kid, I mean my kids). He's so entitled. You give him a toy plane (oh, I don't know, for example) and instead of saying thank you and playing with the plane, he finds some way to make an issue out of it so he can tantrum. Perhaps his sister's plane has more green on it (you know, for instance), or he can't fly it perfectly the first time he tries (like I said, just throwing things out there. Sigh....more