Passing Storms

In addition to a complete lack of logic and an utterly misplaced sense of priority, toddlers also have the willpower of one with nothing to lose.  Because they don't yet know they have anything to lose.This startling combination can bring any adult at any time to his knees, begging for mercy.  Putting the three together is a recipe for madness.  To give in to this, which we must all do from time to time, means sliding down a staircase step by step while holding your toddler's hand, but only if they are three inches ahead of you because otherwise it's all for naught an...more

Change Is Good

This week has been super busy for me. I have been trying to get my 3 year old back into the daycare routine, which has not been going so well. I have been attempting to mentally prepare for the return to the workforce. I have been having nightly talks with the hubby for our semi-annual check-in of expectations and issues we may or may not have been communicating. My oldest has started his last year of elementary school, so I am trying to get as much face time as I can. And to top it all off I am on day 2 of my spiritual fast....more

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Four Minutes is Better for Me

It’s that time of year again, kids out the door with a backpack full of “I don’t know what” inside.  For years, we have had problems with Elliott stashing things in her backpack and taking them to school.  Part of that was caused by her RAD, but there was another part that was just doing what every other kid in her school was doing.  She was also bringing things home she wasn’t supposed to....more

My Path

Okay so I figured I would tell you the back story of why I decided to write this blog. I am a single mother of a beautiful, smart, and loving 7 year old DD. (We'll call her Jamie). Her Father and I broke up when she was 1, we were never married. (We'll call him Tyler) Him and SM(Who we will call,Rachel) started cheating on me when I was pregnant with Jamie. Rachel at the time was married to my brother. Yes I have a Soap Opera life, hence the one tree hill names I think I will call myself Haylie. So from what I have wriiten so far you can already tell we are not big fans of each other....more

I have to admire not only your honesty in admitting the "wrong" things you think you've done, ...more

What to do with a public meltdown?

All the lunch-goers at Faneuil Hall in Boston probably expected a peaceful lunch while people watching from their cafe tables.  Instead they got Liam in total melt-down mode for about as long as it takes to order dr...more

That is all so true. Plus, remember that what works to calm down and refocus one child, doesn't ...more

What is your best discipline advice for a 2 year old whom refuses to obey?

How do you discipline a 2 year old who doesn't respond well to "typical" discipline i.e. time outs, spanking, loss of toys, etc. My son doesn't mind, he will refuse to do as asked and doesn't care if he is spanked, placed in time out, or loses his toys and playtime. What do you do when your child does this, no matter the age?...more

...take a look at your expectations. Two year olds are notoriously difficult and defiant ...more

If The Twos are Terrible, What Are the Threes?

I thought I was headed for a much needed break as my daughter is rounding out the last few months of her "terrible twos."...more

I think we're "there"

I think we're "there" ...more

Not Newsworthy, After All

I braved the crowds at a local shopping mall yesterday, dragging with me my 3-year-old son, my sister and her two youngsters (both under 18 mo.). By "braved," I mean we went stupidly. ...more

Pre-School Dirty Harry

My approach to bad behavior: ...more