Preschool Pointers - 8: Don't Actually Plan on Going Anywhere

Problem:You have a fun-filled day planned, chock to the brim with activities, but your kids can't contain themselves long enough to get to the car. Or sit quietly in there for the three minutes it gets to the store. Or get out without three different fights about who's going first for what. (If you can't tell, we're in the middle of a rough patch around here.)Solution:...more

The Dark Ages of Twindom

Some problems are exacerbated with twins.I'm sure some twins are expertly behaved at all times, and some singletons have many more issues than my twins, but I'm saying that some issues exist purely in the realm of twindom.I'm going to list our more frequent issues (some of these happen in any sibling relationship, noted.)...more

The Tantrum

The tantrum, like “the break-up” or “the first time you take an alcoholic drink”, is an epoch in a child’s life. Wow! Now they can tell you exactly how they feel, complete with dramatic performance of anger, sadness and defeat. While the tantrum is a developmental step that shows that your child is emotionally maturing, it’s hard on parents – and nannies. Glo-Worm has lately discovered the intricacies of the perfect tantrum, and all of our ears are ringing....more

Toddler Tricks - 103: It's Okay to Say Okay

Problem: Your kids move slowly and are incredibly easily distracted. You could be taking them to the most fun place on Earth and just before you leave, they'd want to play one more game, or splash in a puddle or run around the car giggling for funsies. ...more

Toddler Tricks - 101: Let Them Set the Pace

Problem: You have plans with no one to go somewhere or do some certain thing. It's in your datebook / on your to-do list and everything. Yet, there your kids sit, happily playing in the corner, not a tear in sight, not a tantrum to be heard. You know that any change in this precariously balanced environment will bring OMG EMOTION to the scene. Even if it's an awesome outing, like, "hey, let's go to the swimming pool," it will be met with tears and fighting because, well, that's the only way your kids (by which I mean my kids) know how to process emotion, of any kind. So, what do you do?...more

Deciphering the "Threenager"

There are times, few and far between of course, when my lovely, adorable children pull out some pretty crappy attitude in their never-ending battle for control in this house. Many have dubbed this glorious age "the threenager" which I believe I've mentioned before. How very true that term is. So, in my quest to get my children to the age of four, I've made up a key describing some of their more annoying actions, what they mean, and how you should react to them. (I've also added how I actually react to them, but don't do that.) ...more

Toddler Tricks - 98: Wait Them Out

Problem: Your child won't wipe herself, or eat, or sleep, or whatever it is she won't do. It's a battle of wills, and you aren't giving up. SOLUTION:...more

Babysitter Blues

My kids used to be clingers. I couldn't go anywhere. I couldn't leave them, ever. When my husband and I would go out (about once every three months) we had to have an elaborate ritual, where the babysitter would come and stay while we were home for about and hour. Then my husband and I would put the girls to bed, by ourselves. Then we'd sneak out like teenagers, and hope we didn't wake them up. Not much babysitting involved, right? ...more

Toddler Tricks - 96: Work It Out

Problem: Your kids are fighting. There's the crying and the screaming, the hitting and the biting. The wailing ever louder, the appeals for your intervention. You get the feeling most of this outlandish behavior is purely for your benefit, but you don't know what to do about it. Solution:...more

Toddler Tricks - 86: Make a Deal

Problem: You have several things on your agenda, and you need your kids to be down for all of it. Or you have a fun thing to do, but then some not-so-fun things and you want to head off the inevitable tantrum at the pass.SOLUTION:...more