Toddler Tricks - 86: Make a Deal

Problem: You have several things on your agenda, and you need your kids to be down for all of it. Or you have a fun thing to do, but then some not-so-fun things and you want to head off the inevitable tantrum at the pass.SOLUTION:...more

Threshold of Pain

My kids have a threshold problem. It's as if they get stuck there, in the door frame, at the car, and most especially at the staircase, just caught between going and coming, not wanting one experience to end and so lingering, but hoping the next will have already begun and so impatient and demanding even as they refuse to move.This causes much drama in the mornings, especially because it's before my coffee and I am ill-equipped to deal with their special brand of blunt torture after just rising....more

Reasons my Children Cry

We're in a bad phase. A pushing boundaries, we're not quite sure how to handle things so let's cry phase. These come and go, and each time we come out the other side better for it, with new communication skills, more patience and an enhanced ability to reason. But going through them just plain sucks, any way you slice it.So, here are the reasons my children tantrumed today, starting from 8 a.m. when they woke up. (At the time of this post, it's only 9:30 a.m.)...more

Toddler Tricks - 83: Parents, Use your Words

Problem:Your kids want something that is impossible to give them, or they have to wait a minute for something, or you need them to eat before they do what they want, or any other variation of "Mom, I want," and then "no." Now they're screaming crying messes, and you're wondering why people even have children in the first place, and where did you go wrong that you can't even have a coherent conversation with a three and a half year old.SOLUTION:...more
I don't like to say no sometimes.  I instead give or offer a more appropriate solutions or ...more

Toddler Tricks - 82: Choices

Problem: Your kid won't eat breakfast, or get dressed, or brush her teeth...again. She'd rather cry.Solution: Choices. You already knew that. But specific kinds of choices. And a limited number of choices. Make the choosing part of the routine.READ MORE:...more

Senior Moments, Elder Tantrums

Would someone please tell me when...more

A Tale of Two Haircuts

A Tale of Two Haircuts I hate the kiddie hairdresser. Hate. It. First of all, it's grossly overpriced. Twenty bucks to trim Tilly's ends and cut her bangs, really? Second, it is totally over stimulating! There are Chinese crap, death toys absolutely everywhere. And. They. Always. Make. You. Wait.  Sandee, you ask, why don't you just take them to SuperCuts or give them haircuts at home?  I will give you three reasons 1.) They have TV's with DVD players that can temporarily hypnotize small people 2.) Tilly hates haircuts, seriously hates them....more

When a Three Year Old Loses Her Mind

What do you do when a three year old loses her mind?This is a serious question.Let me welcome you into my morning.It started at seven, when the dulcet tones of two screeching children roused me from my sleep. One had lost her lovey, and the other was trying to go upstairs. The first wouldn't go without Bean, and blocked the way. Instant twin fight....more

Turn It Around

Unless you're a perfect parent, with perfect children, or a much better disciplinarian than I am, you're well accustomed to the dreaded adult-stare your toddlers can garner when out in public....more
I think we have all been there at some point in time most adults that are standing in that line ...more

Twin Frenzies

You’ve heard about feeding frenzies, right? You know…where sharks or any other wild beasties lose their minds and go crazy in the midst of eating? Right, well, I think I’ve discovered a new wild animal phenomenon that I am going to call twin frenzies....more
@SHembree LOL! I hope she was there to help!more