MAYBE IT’S NOT JUST A TANTRUM   We’ve all seen toddlers having meltdowns–throwing themselves face down on the floor, crying, wailing, screaming and behaving in a way that’s embarrassing to their parents and irritating to by-standers.. Is this a natural and normal part of child development or is it something else? New research suggested that a lack of emotional regulation (or self-control) in childhood can predict psychological problems in adolescence and adulthood....more

Who Came Up with This?

The screaming, the thrashing, the whining, the complete meltdown explosion. It caught me by surprise.  Yes, I had noticed my babies getting more cranky over the past few days, but I figured it was letdown from our vacation ending, tiredness, maybe a growth spurt causing hungriness....more

I Need Some Space!

I've heard over and over again that the best way to get a well-behaved child in public is to remove her from any situation in which she is causing a ruckus.  Screaming at a restaurant.  Back to the car, possibly to drive back home.  Tossing and flopping on the beach, time to go back home, immediately.  I've never quite been able to pull this off because usually when one twin is melting down, the other is completely fine.  To take both twins outside of the area for a calm down period only serves to enrage the happy twin.  To leave the happy twin in the area (whe...more


As far as family outings go, the walk around the Tidal Basin this morning to see the cherry trees in bloom could sink in the dirty muck of the Potomac and no one would miss it. ...more

Toddler Tricks - 30

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem: Your kid is having a meltdown. It may have started out as a minor disagreement over some toy or distress that he can't find something he is looking for, but given a few minutes, it's grown to a fullblown tantrum.Solution: Read More:...more

Love is a Battlefield

Waking up each morning, I know that my day is going to go exactly how two little creatures decide it will go.  The tone is set the moment I walk into the room.  Each day it's a new game of logistical prowess.  Can I get them dressed and ready with no breakdowns?  Can I outwit their cranky tendencies and keep them interested in things that are fun?  Or will I be dragged down by petty fights, whining, crying and frivolous attack?  It's a toss up. Getting dressed determines the day....more

Tantrums and Migraines

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day in the Governale household. Why you ask? Well, it seems that Sophia has reached the age where every answer is a firm “No” or my personal favorite “but Mommy…” This alone wouldn’t be so bad but when combined with her stubbornness (I blame this entirely on my husband!) the outcome is potentially explosive. Case in point was yesterday’s playdate with Sophia’s friend at her house. It all started well enough with the girls playing alone while my friend and I caught up....more

The Breakthroughs Are Worth the Breakdowns

We are coming up on an entire week of blissful happiness in this house.  For almost seven straight days now, I have been able to talk to my children, to walk them through disappointments and to thwart what previously would have been surefire tantrum starters.  For their part, my babies have been infinitely more patient with me as I struggle to understand their conversation attempts.  They have been more articulate and just all-around more happy.  It is for weeks like these that I live.Of course, they come at the cost of much struggle and strife.  For the two...more

Toddler Tricks - 21

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem:  Your kid, to put it mildly, wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.  It seems no matter what you do, you are going to be graced with a crying jag leftover from sleep.  Nothing appeases, nothing stops it.  She's just cranky when she wakes up.Solution:  Try to get there right before she wakes up.  This has worked for me about 50 percent of the time.  It's hard to pull off because sometimes the babies will sleep for an hour, other times they'll sleep for 2.5 hours.  But if I can hear them even starting to ...more

When Superman Wants A Fairy Wand

Our son is sweet and funny and charming. He is currently obsessed with dressing like his soccer coach, builds jails for his dinosaurs and is often, as I once saw a boy described, "noise with some dirt on it". I don't quite know where this boy came from because as recently as 3 months ago he threw a tantrum over the fact that he did not receive "Fancy Nancy" dress up clothes like his twin sister did at birthday time. Poor boy....more

This parenting gig presents us with challenges we never thought we'd face and shows us things ...more