The Hanging Carrot

 Packing up, leaving the house in a cluttered disarray of wrapping paper and toy pieces, and hurrying off to the airport at 8 a.m....more

Toddler Tricks - 20

Ways to Trick Your Baby:Problem:  You have something important to do in a timely fashion.  You'll quickly find that nothing turns normally self-entertained, quiet babies or toddlers into snivelling, whiny, needy messes than the knowledge that their mommy or daddy might actually have something to do that doesn't involve them.Solution:  Tread softly.  Let nothing in your attitude or demeanor betray that you might have something important to do.  Try not to let your impatience show as you set them up with a toy or game or even the television.  Stay...more

A Letter to Myself in 2006

Dear Self,I know you are taking time out of your incredibly intense existence to read this.  I know as you look at the page, you aren't able to pensively nibble at the end of your pen as you contemplate the next brilliant phrase to jot down.  I know your air of mystery and sexy aloofness must be put on pause, and that the corner couch of the Starbucks will be wasted on you for these few moments, but I have an important message:  Get over yourself.Yes, that's right.  Life is not all about you.  Your dreams will come true or not, based not on your imag...more

All work and no play....

... does make Sherri (me) a dull girl. And.... I'm not going to lose it a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining (as my segue to a rant indicates here), but.... I am snippy these days.After days of folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, making dinners that no one likes, and getting my winter frump on (UGGs, yoga pants, jogging bra, long-sleeved T, scarf, and hoodie), I get .... well... like I said, snippy (see, I even have advanced brain fry - not good for a writer who needs to be able to.... um.... use words). ...more

Toddler Tricks - 17

Ways you can trick your baby: Problem:  Naptime disappears in the blink of an eye, and all those things you were going to get done are somehow still looming on your to-do list.  But now you have spritely toddlers in the way, bent on nothing but stopping you from doing your duties. Solution:  I already showed you some toddler-friendly chores.  But what about craft time?  As your kids get older, they might enjoy helping you guss...more

Shh - This is the Library!

I have a proposed change for the library.  Move the kids’ corner.  It needs to be near the door - right next to the door, in fact.  Is there any good reason why the kids’ section is always in some far off corner toward the back?  I understand wanting to keep it as far from the real library as possible, but making toddlers walk through endless aisles of books and movies and manuever their way past kiosks and study desks just to get to the cardboard-paged picture books?  It seems counter-productive to me.Sure, it’s all smiles and giggles and “aren’t ...more


 Every morning here, it's the same story."Hi, mama!  Wake up, mama!"  Giggling, happy babies race down the stairs.By the time they get to their room, though, the tide has turned.  Somehow, in between my getting up and getting everyone's breakfast ready, the tears switch on - the whining, the crying, the repetitions of half-words half-wails that I just cannot understand.  And nothing will pacify, nothing will soothe.  I simply want the happy babies I had less than 15 minutes ago to frolic and play while I heat the milk.  Is that too much to ...more

It's Teething. Trust Me.

My husband laughs at me.  My babies are teething.  That's no laughing matter, of course, as anyone who has dealt with a teething baby can tell you.  He laughs at me because, in my opinion, my babies are always teething.  My babies have been teething since day one, or at least since month three.  As soon as the experts gave me a ready-made, go-to excuse for their seemingly uncalled for tears and distress, I took it and ran.Crying because they don't want to eat?   Teething.  Crying because they're overtired?  Teething.  Crying bec...more

Atmospheric Pressure

 Taking two babies anywhere is a hassle.  Taking them out to dinner is usually a disaster.  In a restaurant, your attention is divided.  You can only dote upon your children while you're not choosing something to eat from the menu, speaking to the waiter, or accepting and clearing dishes.  God forbid you actually try to eat anything.  The minute your eyes drift to your plate and your lips close around the fork, your kids may or may not be dumping out the salt, sliding off their boosters, tearing open the sugar packets, knocking over your beer, or, worst of...more

Schedules and Routines

I know that all children thrive on schedules and routines and one of the first thing parents do when a baby is born is start working on establishing a schedule and a routine. But when does that need become crucial? abnormal? absolute? And when is that a problem? We have several routines around here. We have a morning routine (with modifications for the weekends when Kevin is home versus when he's not). We have a dinner-time routine. We have a bedtime routine. We even have a pick-the-kids-up-from-school routine....more