Happy Vegan Birthday to Me

I had the nicest birthday dinner with Rick and a few friends earlier this week, at one of the best restaurants in Taos. Getting a good vegan meal in a restaurant in New Mexico is no easy thing, but with a little planning it all worked out beautifully. There's a trick to dining out that vegans need to get comfortable with, and that's simply calling ahead and asking for what you want. More often than not a restaurant with a good chef will be more than willing to either modify an existing dish for you, or come up with something new....more

Solaria: An Off-Grid Earthship in Taos

Taos is very different from your usual Small Town USA. We have art, among other things. Boy, do we have art! And all manner of artists who create it. Sometimes it seems like everyone who lives here, no matter what they do for money, is an artist on some level. This is a good thing, rather than a competitive thing, because it makes for a pool of creative thinkers and doers. Like anyplace, Taos has its problems, but lack of creativity is certainly not one of them....more
When can I come stay?!more

Old Martina's Hall in Taos Offers Something for Everyone

Old Martina's Hall, which was once Old Martinez Hall, has been struggling to open for a long time. Small town bureaucrats with big egos stood in the way as long as they could, but eventually sanity won out, and this beautifully renovated historic building, just across from the famous Ranchos Church, is finally open for breakfast and lunch. We've been hearing good things about it, but of course I was skeptical about there being anything on the menu I could actually eat. We popped in over the weekend to check it out, and found many pleasant surprises. ...more

A Vegan Ventures into Hunter Tom's

I had planned to spend yesterday afternoon in the studio, for the first time in weeks, just to see if there were any sparks left, or if anything would stick if I threw it against the wall. Then Deborah suggested lunch, and I was out the door in a flash, no looking back. The studio has been waiting all this time, it will wait a little longer. ...more

Taos Light Works

I've had a new Bright Idea. Literally. You know those Virgin of Guadalupe candles you can get at the grocery store? I like them so much, I always have at least one around, and when we were trailer-traveling, we used an empty one as a night light, with a rechargeable, battery operated candle inside. They're nice enough, those candles, but they're kind of crummy when you look at them long enough, and they're intended to be disposable, which troubles me....more


Before we headed out on the road with our trailer (getting close to two years ago now), we sold most of what we owned, and traded two smaller vehicles for one big-ass truck. It made sense at the time.  ...more

Ice Music

Last night, after a day of focused and quite unusual inspiration--OK, one small hint... steel and diamonds--Rick and I scooped up our pal Karena, and drove up to Taos Ski Valley for an Ice Music Concert. I've shown you pictures of the ski valley in summer, when we go up hiking. We like to stop in at the Bavarian for beer and fries with mustard, and sit outside soaking up the view and the sun. We did the same thing last night, at least the beer and fries part....more

No Such Thing as a Cheap Couch

I blame the couch. It started all this... all this... nesting. The old couch was a smelly memory, gifted to a happy couple in a smelly house some weeks ago. Our empty living room became the Hooping Room, where I could practice my clumsy hoop-dancing moves while watching Oprah on one of the two channels we get in the house. It was perfect. Then Deborah sent me a link to a couch for sale on Craigslist. Green leather, near us in Taos, and only $75. I had said it out loud, I want a couch....more

Exploring Taos - Part 4 - Magical Christmastime

Here's what I think. I think everyone should spend Christmastime in Taos at least once. The whole month of December if possible. There's something going on ever minute, and it's all fun, fun, fun. Yesterday Deborah and I went to the kids' party at the Festival of Trees & Wreaths, which is held at the glorious El Monte Sagrado....more