Going "All In" as an Entrepreneur

I have been a woman consumed. You know that feeling when you first fall head-over-heels in love? Everything feels new and wondrous again--the sky is brighter, your morning coffee tastes better, in fact, your good mood alone may have invented everything wonderful from kissing to gelato.  Sure, you are missing other dates and deadlines and blowing off old obligations, but nothing else matters: you have finally found "The One."   ...more

Hey Deb,

Great article. One of the keys I've found to starting an entrepreneurial venture is ...more

Mainlining information (Confessions of an input junkie)

Yesterday I tried to sync my hundreds of RSS favorites in NetNewsWire that I had accumulated on two different machines via NewsGator itself -- I had done it via .Mac until my demo account expired -- and what happened is that a good portion of them were pulled out of their categories and left on the main root, uncategorized. My "web" and "politics" and "business" and "Apple" folders were empty, and all those feeds were now all mixed up. I don't know, maybe some were even lost. ...more