What Target Canada's Closure Means to Me

To some people the thought of Target Canada conjures up images of bare shelves, very few guests, and prices that just can’t beat Wal-Mart. To me, Target Canada means so much more. When I think of Target Canada, I think of a company that believed in me enough to offer me a career straight out of university. To me, Target Canada means a company that allowed for me to have some of the most memorable experiences of my life, training alongside some of the funniest, kindest people in retail....more

Why Did Target Suck at Being Canadian?

Is it possible to be stunned and not at all surprised at the same time? That's how I feel about Target's sudden announcement that they are closing all 133 stores in Canada. ...more
jtwpg Yeah, the internet can be crazy sometimes! :)more

What Do You Think Of The Toms + Target Collaboration?

Have I mentioned my Toms obsession? It's kind of funny. When I first saw someone wearing Toms shoes, I thought they looked kind of weird. They're just normal old wrapped canvas shoes. What’s the big dealio? They totally grew on me over the years though, and I finally bought my first pair of Toms over the summer. They were a snazzy pair of zigzag slip-ons, and I wore them ALL summer long. Then, Hautelook had a Toms sale… and I bought a couple more pair. A few months later while browsing at Nordstrom Rack, I found two more pair to add to my collection. ...more
Thew thing to remember is the line is for Target. To introduce the exact same thing at a ...more


HOT! Target's New Holiday Deals

Here is a sneak peek @ Target's new holiday plan! Highlights: ...more


What the hell is a TWEEN? I mean, I know what it is, but can someone explain how this whole concept started? As far as I’m concerned, you are either a TEEN or you are a CHILD. I am honestly terrified of what society is doing to girls. How did the messages being sent to them get so unbelievably mixed up? On the one hand, we seem to be telling our girls that they should stay young forever and be innocent princesses and on the other, that they should grow up fast and be whores. Great! Listen, I’m all for choices, but there has to be a middle ground here somewhere, right???...more

Altuzarra's Collection Is Coming to Target This Week

Altuzarra at Target. This week, another opportunity to dress chic-ly and inexpensively from Target this fall! ...more
Why is Target trying to be fashionable? It's Target, not Chanel.more

What Do You Mean You're "Not a Target Person"?

Go on. Get yourself together. Pour yourself a drink in that tumbler from the dollar bin. Have some Market Pantry comfort food ready. Find a Nate Berkus throw pillow in case you need something to beat in disbelief. Maybe pop an Up & Up ibuprofen. It’s about to get raw and real in here....more
I shopped in a Target once. Once. In 2007. It was for a Christmas gift for a friend, buying an ...more

How to shop cruelty free at Target!

You know probably by now that I am very passionate about buying cruelty free and that is why today I am gonna show you how many awesome products you can buy at Target that are cruelty free! ...more

What’s the Best Baby Registry?

Another tough decision that expecting parents are typically faced with is where to register for the baby shower.  I’ll break it down to the top 5 and what we ended up going with.  I’ll rate them based on the following factors…selection, price, customer service, return policy and completion discount....more
BabyList has a registry completion discount now! Whoo ...more