$50 Target Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

I knew starting Strong Girl Fitness was going to be a lot of work. Founding and running a small business is no easy feat and sometimes I would feel a little lost.What helped me feel excited every day was the endless support from my friends – both online & off. I’ve connected with so many amazing Strong Girls, especially on Instagram, since I started Strong Girl Fitness and I truly appreciate each & every one of you for putting a smile on my face everyday.So, I thought, what’s a better way to say THANK YOU than a giveaway?!...more

Around the house...Target for the win!


TMS: The Target Marketing Scheme Strikes Again

I was at Target yesterday doing my weekly rounds when I heard a conversation that was the epitome of the Target marketing suction that gets you to spend way too much time and money in that place.  Luci and I were browsing the Dollar Spot, looking for something to waste her only dollar on, when two 20-something ladies came strolling over. ...more
prettynpink Thanks for the kind words.  I'm glad you found me and you can appreciate my sense ...more

Target Addict

Target Addict I usually hit Target 2x a week. Target for me has become my go to for all items that I would ordinarily shop for in the supermarket or drugstore. And it's just Target OK, not Targee'....more

Did Target Hit The Bull's-eye???