Should You Say Yes to All Business Opportunities?

"Any business is better than no business." This is simply not true. Some business is not worth your time or energy. Some business will actually be detrimental to your business as a whole. So, how do you choose wisely? How do you know who are your ideal peeps? Darlynn from Little Blog Dress gives us some insights in this post. ...more
Ever since I held a crayon in my hand, my Mother said she "noticed something about me". Ever kid ...more

Bulls-eye! Or defining my target market

I just read a blog post from The Mogul Mom (, about defining one’s target market.  I’ve had a lot of trouble doing this and I haven’t found the help I need in other marketing advice.  I’d just about given up.  Still, I dutifully opened the email and started reading....more

What’s Your Brand Saying Visually?

Do you know the three main elements that make up your company’s brand?  They are Typography, Color and Graphics.  In today's post we will be talking about Typography.What is Typography?...more