Valentine's Day Heart Tarts

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Endless Summer Tarts for the Perfect Lunch

AROMA CUCINA for Honest Cooking: Savory tarts and a glass of rose’.  The perfect summer lunch.  Here’s 2 perfect recipes from AROMA CUCINA that just may get you addicted to savory tarts. ...more

Beautiful Fruit Tarts for Summer

Come summer, the berries, the stone fruits, the melons, they call to us. Eaten out of hand, they pop with sun-kissed fruitiness. Drizzled with cream, they soften and darken, just a bit. But add fruit to a beautiful tart and suddenly all the senses engage: the eyes fill with color, the nose fills with fruit scent, the ears (you can hear the ooo's and ahhh's, yes?), the hands (reaching for a fork, fast!) and finally, the taste, eyes closed, savoring each tiny morsel. Fruit tart recipes? You bet -- here's a collection to get us started, how about one a week between now and fall? ...more

I just printed the recipe for Apricot tart from orangette. Thanks for the recipe, it looks so ...more