My husband came home last night exhausted and frustrated by the day he’d had at work. He said, “Today sucked. I pretty much had a lot of things in progress, but none of it is done.” My reply was not a sympathetic, “Oh, sweetie, let me rub your shoulders and help you forget about your day.” It was a very honest and immediate response of, “Yeah. That pretty much describes my life.” ...more

Camping Organization101...Keeping It Straight!

Camping? Organization is a must! Camping is so fun and exciting! You must stay organized! 1.Shopping List:...more

Iced Tea, anyone?

Do you remember a while back when that email was circulating with the joke on it about how a man's bedtime routine differs from a woman's? He says he's going to bed, he brushes his teeth, gets into his PJ's, turns out the light and he's out. She says she's going to bed and then finds 100 things that still need doing before she turns in. Such is my life. All he asked for was a glass of iced tea. That's all. A two minute task at best, right?! ...more

To-Do Lists

I keep a to-do list. Check-marks for what has been completed and everything. I've never been one to keep a planner, I guess I fell out of that in junior high, maybe because I don't get one for free anymore. ...more

Time that (Work Item) Task

This a cross-post, and I lost the original site.  Not meant to plagiarize, but I will continue to hunt it down and will update the credits..   Time that (Work Item) Task ...more