Want a Tattoo?

Before taking the step to have a permanent shamrock tattoo affixed to your body, you must first do some thorough thinking.Take into consideration that any tatt...more

November Notes, Day 4

 #gocheetahgo When I started cycling, I needed a lot of inspiration to keep going.  As if needing to lose about 40 pounds wasn't inspiration enough... but I digress....more
helmswondermom I would have liked to have seen a screen shot of that!  10 days down, 20 to ...more

You're not a writer, you're just a blogger

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and blogging since around 2002. I've watched the blogging world change and develop (and watched myself do the same). Even though blogging's been around a long time now, I think we're all still learning how to effectively use blogs for a number of things -- to write, to connect, to advertise, to make money. They're all legitimate uses, of course. And everyone's got their own opinions on how to do it properly....more

10 Things Not to Do When You Get a Tattoo

During the day, I play a tattoo artist on TV. Okay, I really am a tattoo artist (not to be confused with my night job of a ninja assassin), and I love my job. There are certain things about my job that seriously make me want to head home and crawl back into bed, though. And, it's not just me; I've talked to the guys at the shop -- they have the same pet peeves.So, I'm going to help y'all out and give you the hook up from an insider source ... me. ...more
Please spare us all of these condescending 'rules of engagement'. Some of the advice is true but ...more

He's been gone 20 years

When I was five years old my family received the dreaded knock on the door. I'm sure you've heard about this knock. I'm prayin you've never had to experience it for yourself. But this knock is every military families worst nightmare. Men in uniforms came to our door to inform my mother that my daddy had been killed. My daddy was in the Army. He was in Somalia in 1993 with Operation Restore Hope. He was killed on Aug 8 by a road side bomb....more

Preachers of LA: Pastor Jay Haizlip, The issue of Christians getting Tattoos

By: Denise N. Fyffe.Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe...more

Tattoo Discrimination

http://mybabybirds.blogspot.com/ It's not often you hear complaints of discrimination from white American men. It's not often they experience it here, obviously. The Sailor is though - for his tattoos. That sounds so stupid, but it's a real issue. It's an issue, because it can prevent him from finding employment after spending years serving his country.      ...more

Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Employer's Logo for Cash Bonus?

I know times can be tough and companies are always looking for ways to motivate employees, but when I saw this recent business news (which I mentally filed to the "crazy column of corporate antics") I was amused. Tracy Davidson from NBC-10 Philadelphia asked the question on her facebook page: ...more

You tattooed your FACE?

Misunderstood; really?!That was the first question I asked my daughter when I saw her recently. The second was, “Did the guy who did that ask you, “Are you SURE?”...more

The Thing About Having Tattoos Is

I read an article the other day on The High Tea Cast, by Kate Henley. Talking about how it sucks that people judge other people on things like having a tattoo. It got me thinking. You see, the thing about having tattoos is, people will judge you. I'm not sure why....more