Tattoo Me: Tales of Regrets and No Regrets

The British Association of Dermatologists conducted a survey on more than 500 tattooed people, and the results showed that almost a third of tattoo owners regretted getting ink at some point in their lives. Statistically, from all of the people with tattoo regrets, most of them are men who got tattooed when they were younger. ...more

A New Tattoo: On The Art of Healing

It’s been a week since I had my 3 new (well, 2 new and a cover-up) tattoos done , and I’ve had a new observation. As I’ve watched my tattoos heal, I realize how much the process reflects not just the symbols I’ve inked into my body, but also how growth happens in life. Tattoos are art, and I believe there is an art in healing, too....more
Karen Ballum  Thanks so much Karen!more

The Girl With The Horsey Tattoo

I remember the smell in the room the first time I saw her (after far too many years) - this stranger who was my sister. It was the smell of death and bad breath, mixed with some cleaning solvent trying to mask the obvious - a hospital's distinctive cologne. Lying in the hospital bed, the machines breathing for her, I remember the  rise and fall of her chest, with each artificial breath. Tubes and tattoos her only accessories. Head bound with protective bandages, covering the reason I had just flown these 2,000 miles. It was like I had just seen my sister for the first time in my life....more