Written on the Body: Tattoos Tell the Stories of My Life

When I got my first tattoo, more than fifteen years ago, they hadn’t yet become as ubiquitous as opinions (i.e., not everyone had one). Whenever I brought up wanting to get inked, I was invariably talked out of it....more
Mine tells the story of a cheap drunken night. Lol.more

Dec 01 - Defined in Ink

It's pretty synchronistic that I had literally just added 'Corbyn' to my Where Words & Art Collide page, and then went on the Daily to see what the Prompt was for today - Yay! Tattoos!  I luuuuuuuurrrrvvvvve tattoos, but to answer the question - no, I don't have any yet.  YET.  I'm pretty picky and a little afraid of needles, so there's my excuse......more

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

My pics are not showing - you can see full post at www.wingedprisms.com...more

Henna Tattoos: Safer Body Art

      When it comes to body art, I’ll take pure Henna tattoos over dangerous, scarring inks any day. Henna ink, when mixed from pure, natural ingredients, provides a long lasting, beautiful design without the risks or side effects of chemical ink tattoos (ie Parlor Tattoos). How-To at the bottom of this post....more

Love On My Arm: How My Tattoo Made Me More Body Positive

It’s that thing no one talks about, but everyone who’s in the club understands. That thing where you cast a look down at someone’s arms when they say they were depressed, and you look for the telltale signs on their skin. Do they cover them with bracelets or sleeves? Do they show them off, uncaring? How many do they have? What do theirs look like?...more

Tattoos and Stigma

 Is unfairly stigmatizing other humans part of our nature? I hope not, though it seems so. It’s sad that we can be so hurtful to one another. Often the basis of our judgment is so mindless and undeveloped, it seems impossible that this way of thinking still exists.One such unforgiving stigma has plagued the tattoo community since ancient days. I think we should know better by now. However, people continue to believe, and teach their children, that the tattooed are just bad society....more

Permanent Makeup: Would You Tattoo Your Face?

Last week my sister in law and BlogHer's Entertainment Editor, Morgan Shanahan, announced on Instagram that she was about to tattoo her face with permanent makeup and honestly I thought she was joking. Because the images that come to mind when I think about tattooed makeup are not pretty and are not even close to natural. But I was really surprised at how pretty AND natural her results were, even on her fair skin and light brows... ...more
Great article Maegan!  It is BY FAR the greatest thing I have ever done for myself (besides ...more

Is getting a tattoo too much?


Infertility Awareness Tattoos

While checking out Pinterest I discovered that the little heart and spiral symbol that I designed in 2008 and dubbed The Infertility Awareness Symbol has been used for tattoos by many more women than I could have imagined.  I am humbly blown away that something born through pain and need of validation has reached the hearts of so many women.  Here is a blog I came upon today http://acoursetothefinishline.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/leaving-a-mark/    My heart is filled with wealth!&nbs...more

My Inked Life: An Update (Or, Part 2 of 'On Tattooing')

A few months ago, I wrote a post on Blogher called 'On Tattooing', which was my first exploration into how I got started on my current tattoo project. Eleven months into this I’m pleased that I can look back and see the progress of my full-back tattoo through the brief bit of journaling and photography that I’ve done (well, clearly other people did the photography, but you know what I mean)....more