Infertility Awareness Tattoos

While checking out Pinterest I discovered that the little heart and spiral symbol that I designed in 2008 and dubbed The Infertility Awareness Symbol has been used for tattoos by many more women than I could have imagined.  I am humbly blown away that something born through pain and need of validation has reached the hearts of so many women.  Here is a blog I came upon today    My heart is filled with wealth!&nbs...more

My Inked Life: An Update (Or, Part 2 of 'On Tattooing')

A few months ago, I wrote a post on Blogher called 'On Tattooing', which was my first exploration into how I got started on my current tattoo project. Eleven months into this I’m pleased that I can look back and see the progress of my full-back tattoo through the brief bit of journaling and photography that I’ve done (well, clearly other people did the photography, but you know what I mean)....more

Calling all Tattooed BlogHers!

 Do you have tattoos?  Do you want tattoos?  Do you just enjoy looking at tattoos?  Come join my new Tattoo Tuesday meme at Thorne's World.  It's easy to play.  Just post a pic on your own blog, or tell a story....more

Tattoo or to Not Tattoo

Recently at Piedmont Park I saw a lot of tattoos. Some of them good and some of them not so good.  I am sure that the ink I am referring to was meant to serve as a reminder of an amazing place visited, person loved or important time in the owners lives. Most of the people I saw actually had nice artwork. I saw some great examples of both half and full sleeves, brilliant uses of color as well as simple line art work....more


Tattoos...permanent pieces of beautiful artwork emblazoned on a person's body for life, but more importantly...the first true window into a person's soul. A tattoo can and should have worlds of meaning to the wearer. A tattoo is a gift to all, not only from the artist whose skillful needle graced the collector's soft canvas, but from the collector themselves. In truly artistic fashion the collector has given the world a piece of themselves, to be viewed and admired and explained...only if and when they choose to do so....more

On Tattooing, Part 1

I got my first tattoo when I was 23 going on 24. I knew exactly what I wanted – a sketched horse head on my lower right leg – but it took me four years to find the right image and the right artist....more
Thanks!  And thanks for checking out my article. I have an updated picture to go along with part ...more

Tattoos and do they hurt

Does getting a tattoo hurt?This is the first question in this FAQ because it’s usually the first question that people ask. The answer is yes. Having needles pierce your skin *does* hurt. But what you *really* want to know is, “How MUCH does it hurt, and can I handle it?” It’s not nearly as bad as what you might imagine. The pain comes from the cluster of needles on the tattooing machine piercing your skin very rapidly. This sensation, however, doesn’t feel like the poking pain of an injection--it’s more of a constant vibration....more

Tattoos and cancer go together like clamato and vodka

I’ve known D forever. Our brothers played on the same hockey team growing up and I lived at the rink so our paths crossed a lot. Then in high school we became good friends. So good that he first introduced me to gin & tonics. Apparently his motives were pure. The thing is he’s been stuck with me for a long time. Through the parties and the hospital gowns....more

A Conversation

A text conversation between myself and my 22 year old son:Son:  Mom, I found what tattoo I want to get.Me:  NoSon:  But you don't even know what it is!Me:  NoSon:  What if I just get a small one?Me:  NoSon:  Don't you want to see the picture?Me:  NoSon:  You're no fun!Me:  Nope...more You two are hilarious!  Thanks for starting my day with a smile!more

Lips: Tattoos final frontier

And I’m not talking about the outer lip, either. I’m talking inside the mouth. The most popular place for inner lip tattoos is on the inside the lower lip, and then you turn out the pink flesh and expose your special message…or art. Usually, folks tattoo a word, since it’s a tough canvas for even the steadiest handed tattoo artist to get a clean line. Ornate doesn’t cut it. Folks put all kinds of words inside their inner lips. Of course, they have to be tattooed right side up, so when turned out, the public can read your message. ...more