Better tax returns for your family in 2014

As of January 1, millions of Americans are either newly insured or experiencing changes with their health insurance and are asking, “How will the Affordable Care Act affect my tax return?”And TALK ABOUT UNCLAIMED FUNDS! When it comes to self-prepared tax returns, did you know we left more than A BILLION DOLLARS on the table last year? So how do you make sure I’m getting every penny I deserve?Tax expert Richard Gartland  has some answers....more

Tax refund thieves can be thwarted

If your tax refund doesn’t come, don’t be quick to blame the government. Tax refund fraud is very common. The IRS pays billions in fake refunds....more

Small Business Tip: Best ‘Business-Friendly’ Tax States

Tax rates matter to a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur.  A new report examines the most ‘business friendly’ tax systems across the nation.  South Dakota comes out on top in the new analysis from the Tax Foundation. ...more

Fall Deadlines Near for Some Federal Stimulus Programs for Small Business

There is still time for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get their share of the federal economic stimulus money.  The government’s stimulus measures allow firms that incurred net operating losses in 2008 to carry them back five years instead of the standard two years.  This allows businesses to apply those losses against taxes paid in the past and obtain refunds. ...more

Taking back the tap gets even more economically smart

Clearly, BlogHer members have eco-smarts -- and by that I mean both ecological and economical smarts. Judging by the response to Her Bad Mother's anti-disposable plastic water bottle post, most of you've already ditched the money-draining, polluting, and totally unnecessary blight that's bottled water. ...more

Loved your post. It's amazing how susceptible we are to marketing! it's amazing how quickly ...more

Will You Donate Your Economic Stimulus Check?

How will you spend your economic stimulus check? FinancialAidPodcast suggests paying down your debt, putting it in a savings account, or donating to a charitable organization. They recommend giving to the United Nations World Food Program and America’s Second Harvest. ...more

Wow, thanks, Beth! That was so nice of you (:

People could also give donations in ...more


In 1662 a Hearth Tax was introduced in this country. It was repealed in 1688 but in 1696 a Window Tax quickly followed. Fortunately, and despite the best efforts of Henry VIII in the previous century, divorce still hadn’t really caught on. ...more

Art and Commerce - Getting a Jump on the Session

Taking a cue from the political bloggers who have started asking questions already about their topic (smart!), I thought I would do the same. Denise Howell, Liz Gumbinner and I will be presenting an Art and Commerce session on Day 2 (in Room 205, stop on by!) with Nina Smith as moderating. We're planning to discuss some of the practical considerations of making money while blogging. In preparation for the session, I'd love to hear what kinds of things you're wondering about in advance... Tax issues? Copyright? Marketing? I'm looking forward to a lively, informative chat... ...more