Time is Running Out: How to Motivate Yourself to do Your Taxes

We’re in the home stretch here with only a couple of weeks between now and April 15th left to get our taxes filed and submitted in. And with that impending deadline comes the sudden ability to revert back to our high school tendencies of putting off that final paper until the night before, or, on occasion, morning of its due date. Though we’d like to think our juvenile school habits are behind us, tax season can be the perfect excuse to procrastinate like it’s 1994....more

Top Five Movies About People In Worse Tax Situations Than You

If tax day has you wanting to crawl into a corner, consider the next best thing: curling up on the couch with a good movie and your knitting/wine/SO and getting lost in the troubles of strangers.Here's my list of the best movies about people who are hopefully in worse situations with the IRS than you are...5. The Blues Brothers (1980)...more
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Getting Those Taxes Done!

At the end of January year after year when Cece’s mom was alive, her mom would call  her on Sunday and ask her, “Have you done your taxes yet?  When are you going to do them?”  I guess you can tell that Cece puts off doing her taxes!  But since her mom passed on, there is no one to remind her to “Get those taxes done!”...more

Loved the Stats on your blog! Congrats on getting your husband back! Have fun!

Cece-one of ...more

The Average American Will Have to Work 137 Days This Year to Pay Their Share of Federal Spending

On April 15th, better known as ‘Tax Day,’ the American people reflect on the size of their tax burden and whether or not they’re receiving good value for their tax dollars.  This year, with the federal budget at $3.8 trillion, the budget deficit at $1.3 trillion, and with a host of new taxes taking effect on account of the health care bill, we have more reason than ever to be concerned about the impact that tax and spending policies are having on our economy and our freedom.  Today’s protest rallies in Eastern Washington and across America show growing frustration with President Obama and the Majority in Congress, and I share that frustration....more

So where was your tax outrage in the last decade when we undertook wars on 2 fronts ...more

Tax Day Drunken Cake

Ah, April 15th. Christmas Day for the IRS. A day of mourning for the rest of us. All those weeks of interminable phone calls with our accountants and unfair negotiations with our kids to help us figure out TurboTax. It's exhausting -— and depressing. The first thing most of us reach for after slipping our tax returns in the mail is a good stiff drink. This year, we thought, why not play a little Marie Antoinette and -— literally -— let you have your cake and eat it, too? ...more


As I suspected, using a silicone pan isn't recommended.

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Happy Tax Day? It's Time to Get Free Stuff!

Today is tax day. Most of us dread it. Especially those of us who are procrastinators. According to the IRS approximately 27 million people waited until the last week to file. ...more

Crashing the Tea Party

Fox News thinks ACORN is going to crash conservative Tea Parties...perhaps they haven't met my daughter and I? We're holding our own Tea Party. ...more

Any more than the Rite Aid down the street is "my neighborhood drug store." The ...more