Tax Identity Theft jumps on Payroll Scams

Do you work for a corporation, especially in the U.S.? You may be at risk for tax return fraud.ADP is a payroll provider. Hackers were able to acquire tax information of employees of U.S. Bank from ADP. Now, this doesn’t mean that ADP was directly hacked into. Instead, what happened, it seems, their authentication system was flawed and ADP failed to implement a protection strategy for the personal data to keep it safe from prying eyes....more

Why You should file your Tax Return Yesterday

Someone else might file your taxes if you don’t get to it. And they won’t be doing it as a favor; they’ll be doing it to steal your identity.Here’s how it works:...more

How to protect against Tax Identity Theft

What are you doing to prevent tax identity theft? Do you even know what steps to take? You’d better, because this crime has tripled since 2010, says the FTC....more

Tax Return Basics: What You must know!

Tax ID TheftThree things in life are guaranteed: death, taxes and tax-related identity theft. Michael Kasper would agree. Someone registered Kasper’s account, requested the document for his 2013 tax return, then filed a 2014 tax return....more

IRS Fraud: What Can You Do?

By Juan E. Román, DBA, CPA, CGMA, Program Director, Accounting and Finance at American Public University ...more

Watch Out for Tax Scams!

Spring is here (at least in some parts of the world in the northern hemisphere)! The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and the accountants are working late because for those in the U.S., it’s tax season! Scammers love tax season—there is a lot of money moving around as people pay taxes and receive tax refunds. And they have developed many ways to take advantage of that and steal your hard-earned money....more

Don't be scammed into paying Back Taxes

It’s easy to scam someone who did something wrong by telling them they need to fix their mistake. This is why thousands of people get scammed into paying back taxes to the IRS—the IRS has nothing to do with these scams, of course, but the predators prey on peoples’ fear of Uncle Sam. It all begins with the fraudster making a phone call, pretending to be an IRS employee....more

IRS announces a 66% Increase in Tax Identity Theft Investigations

Tax related identity theft is reaching nightmarish and epidemic proportions. Heed the following to minimize your risk....more

Tax season scams bite businesses

There are numerous tax related scams out there. And as a business or even a consumer, forewarned is forearmed....more

Protect Yourself From Fraud While Filing Taxes

Identity theft complaints rose to more than 11 million last year, and tax-related scams have increased by over700% since 2008. Two million fraudulent tax returns were filed in 2011 alone, at a cost of two billion dollars. Common scams include:Double filing: If you receive a notification from the IRS informing you that multiple tax returns have been filed in your name, you should respond immediately to begin working through the restoration process....more