Not Perfect But Who Accounting

ing Coffee With Peppy“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” By Edgar Alan Poe...more

I Can See Why There Might Be An Upcoming Shortage on SSD and SSI

 The other day on the news there saying there a short fall for up coming benefit for those drawing disability.As in home care giver at currently both of my client receive between $750 and $810 a month.Only one actual gets straight SSD. The other gets an combo of SSD and SSI. ...more

IRS Fraud: What Can You Do?

By Juan E. Román, DBA, CPA, CGMA, Program Director, Accounting and Finance at American Public University ...more

What Did You Make This Year?

We finally received all of the forms and documentation we need to file our taxes. (Fun times!) I work a part-time job with a local business that allows me the privilege to stay home with my kids during the day. It's not a bad arrangement. I get time away from my offspring (which helps me maintain my frail grasp on sanity), and I get money in exchange for the favor....more

Sex and Taxes

Time that you have child care is precious time, so you need to prioritize. The first year or two of being a parent I’d wildly overestimate what I could get done in one weekend while my parents kept Jack. Now I’m much better at setting realistic goals. I had two for this weekend: sex and taxes....more

The Pudding

I know that my family isn’t the only one to have used the expression “the proof is in the pudding” as a way of saying “you’ll know best what’s good to do when you do it and it turns out good”. Aspy that I am, I embraced that idea wholeheartedly … perhaps even letting it get to third base.  Proof. Proof delights me....more

International Start-up Tax Tips to Keep Your Small Business in Order

Starting and operating a small business involves risk taking and key decision making. A majority of the decisions made in business revolve around financial and legal matters. The financial aspects of business decision making encompass transactions the business enters into with other stakeholders. On the other hand, the legal perspective entails an understanding and effective application of the guidelines, laws, principles, procedures and regulations that are binding to all businesses....more

Taxing Kitchen Tasks

TAXING KITCHEN TASKSPosted by Let's Have Mixture in ChickenApril 15, 2014April 15th is here the day so many people dread as it is not a day that carries positive connotations....more

Single Mom Tax Season Time Savers

When you are a child the month of April is all about the beautiful rain showers in anticipation of sprouting flowers. As an adult this month means tax filings and financial belt tightening. For single moms it can be stressful getting organized for your accountant and a nail biter anticipating whether you’ll be receiving or writing a check to Mr. I.R.S. To help ease the season I’ve come up with a few tips to allay the angst. ...more

Business VS. Hobby