Taylor Swift And Delicate White Women Syndrome

Taylor Swift, America’s sweetheart, is the fucking devil. She’s the reincarnation of antebellum white women from the South. Delicately sipping mint juleps, speaking in soft whispers and batting her evil blue eyes- the “epitome” of Miss American Pie has the masses fooled....more


So I have to make a confession. And I'm just going to say it, because, there is no need to draw it out or beat around the bush. I like Taylor Swift. There I said. Feel's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I'm a Swiftie. I haven't always been, there was a day I would not listen to her at all. During her country music phase. Because, well I hate country music. But now I am hooked!...more

Shake It Off

As it's the weekend I'm taking it easy (see what I did there?!) and will be spending the day with the paper, music and football. I can only really share one of those with you, so here goes........more

What Taylor Swift Teaches Us About How to Best Use Social Media

With a 12-year-old in the house, I want to be aware of how people are portraying themselves online. Soon, my daughter may want her own Instagram account. She hasn't requested it yet, but given many of her classmates are heading in that direction, no doubt we'll be facing her own account creation sometime during middle school. Who will she follow? What will she post? What examples are appropriate for her newsfeed? Following Taylor has helped me identify five characteristics about social media etiquette that I can reference for my tweens when the time is right. ...more
BUSYMOM4 Totally agree with you about not rushing into personal devices and prolonging the ...more

Be Bold Go Gold! Support the Ronan Thompson Foundation

September is an important month, not just because kids are headed back to school, but because it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness month. ...more

Post No. 5: Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift

I’ve been eye-raped, and it’s my own fault. In Post No. 3, I mentioned being proud of not knowing any Minaj tunes.   After a few more headlines with her complaints about “a little funny business goin’ on” because Anaconda was not nominated for Video of the Year, I decided to see what she and Anaconda are all about....more

Why Isn't There a Brown Version of Taylor Swift?

In my opinion, there is no one who can hate on Taylor Swift (though Kanye definitely tried). She is young, fresh, fun and one of the only younger female artists who didn't originate from the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Boys love her, girls want to be her best friend, and people from all ethnic backgrounds can be caught with one of her catchy songs from her 1989 album in their heads. ...more
FreelanceLady With the exception of Jordin Sparks from American Idol, the other 3 examples were ...more

My Children Delight Me

I sat in the stylist's chair, getting my mane snipped.  As another tuft of hair floated to the floor, the stylist made conversation, asking, "So what's it like, parenting a 14-year-old girl?"...more

"Crazy" Women

I was watching the AMA awards a few nights ago, and admired how Taylor Swift makes  ...more