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Taylor Swift & Kanye West: White Women, Tears, and Coded Images

2010 MTV Video Music Awards - More VMA Video Okay, so I think we all know about Taylor Swift being interrupted last year at the VMA's right? Right. Kanye West caught all kinds of hell for it, and even for his subsequent apologies. So, then why am I linking to the video from this year's show? You can't convince me that you don't want to talk about the past when you do a performance all about it. ...more

OMG- Thank You!! I totally agree!!


Partners. Are Two Heads Better Than One?


Michael Jackson's Legacy Leads to an Awkward American Music Awards Ceremony

With the American Music Awards scheduled to air on Sunday, I can't help but obsess about what Taylor Swift must be thinking.  ...more

Beyonce Gives Taylor Swift Back Her Moment on the MTV VMAs

Last night, a bright, beautiful, black woman took the stage in New York and won the hearts and minds of an audience by being extremely classy. No, I'm not talking about Serena Williams--though she too was at the MTV Video Music Awards.  I'm talking about Beyonce, she of "All the single ladies, all the single ladies...." fame. ...more

I would have slapped Kanye West if I was on the stage. What he did was really insulting to a ...more