Jane: My Turn to Vent!

 I’m feeling pretty discouraged about my state and my country these days....more

Waiting for the "Perfect" Tea Party

I have two grand daughters.They love to have tea parties.They love to have tea parties with their Honey.While  here at Christmas, I promised Rosalyn I would “have her over for tea”….and she doesn’t forget a thing....more

Who is John Galt?


Fight or Flight Time

  Photo Thanks to Terri Windling...more

Dear Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party

Dear Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party: ...more

What If The National Debt Were Your Household Budget?

I admit to glazing over whenever someone talks to me in numbers greater than hundreds of thousands. I can't even really handle millions. I also admit to glazing over whenever someone wearing tea bags on his or her head demands we cut taxes after having driven to the rally on roads paid for by the government using, um, tax dollars....more
Um - 80% of the richest people in Congress are Democrats. The Democrats controlled the house and ...more

Two African American Actors Speak Out On Obama

Hi, I'm New Here!

I joined this blogging network in the hopes of meeting and networking with other mothers. I’m a homeschooling mom who is working on an organic soap/spa business. I’m also a writer....more