Hoarder Confession: Grief, Shame, and Guilt Have Buried Me Alive

I’m no reality TV show junkie, trust me, but I have gravitated towards a show on A&E called Hoarders. Have you seen it? The people on the program all basically have the same issue:  they hold on to things that they perceive as valuable or that adds meaning to their lives. You immediately notice that their addiction is clearly dysfunctional and out of control. This is beyond clutter; the “stuff” they’ve accumulated has completely taken over their lives. They live to hoard....more
thesophislife  You're absolutely right, we are all so worth it.  We do deserve joy and happiness ...more

"I'm Fighting The Nazis, Mom" -- Talking to Kids About The Holocaust

After watching Indiana Jones multiple times last summer, I found Jake, my 7-year-old son, in his room one day with a belt tied diagonally across his shoulder, wrapping around his waist. A hat on his head and a rope in his hand. "What're you doing buddy?" I asked. "Playing Indiana Jones," he said. "Oh, yeah?" I laughed at his ingenuity. Jake was never a big costume kind of kid, so I was surprised to see him in this self-made get up. Proud of his creativity. "I'm fighting the Nazis," he said....more
I agree with Dorothy and would like to add - why not let the boys (and girls) play Indy or ...more