A Sexy Catalog Cover, A Mom, A Tween Child: What Would You Say?

Oh, Victoria's Secret. Usually I defend you without fail. I buy your high-priced bras because you understand that large-sized women don't necessarily want to settle for “lightly lined” (read: ZERO support) bras or bras that are all function and no fun. But today you made me have a very uncomfortable conversation with my almost 13-year-old son. And I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. ...more
tababcock Excellent! -Momomore

The Red, Black & White I was not Expecting This Season

Over dinner tonight, I was informed that the boys had been watching The History Channel's show, American Pickers, and were introduced to a flag with a Swastika on it.Sharp intake of breath....more

Why Is Mommy Knocking People Down?

Since both my boys were tiny babies, they have been a part of roller derby with me.  Lincoln slept through a whole bout in my sling when he was three weeks old.  Sawyer started coming when he was maybe two months, and hit every game my first season.  Actually, since I skated with both of them before I knew I was pregnant, they've been a part of derby since they were first conceived. Sawyer spent his whole first year on the sidelines with Rob, but he was really too young to know what was going on....more
I love it, Kiki! I'm planning on trying out next year - I can't wait!more