Teacher Appreciation Week

VIAI have been blessed with amazing teachers throughout my life....more

Teacher Appreciation Week

This post could also be titled - "How I Learned That Sometimes, It Really Does Take a Village."I was scared to send my second child off to school.  I was nervous about sending off my oldest, but it was nervous tinged with excitement.  School was fun, school was where she'd make friends and play games.  Where she'd learn fascinating new things and develop new skills.  School was field trips and lunch boxes and spelling words and running around at recess.   And for her, that's exactly what school is, and has been from the very beginning....more

Nourishing the nourishers: 5 Ways to Appreciate a Teacher

This week is National Teacher Appreciation week.   Each year at my daughter's school, the PTO tries to do things throughout the week to make the teachers feel special and loved, mostly through the gift of food and snacks each day.  I love to be a part of this tradition because that is what us Southerners do well - show love through food....more

A Little Love for all the Teachers out there!

I Love the Teacher's  ...more

Timeline for the Best Teacher Appreciation Week Ever

Friday, April 26: I receive note from the Kindergarten room parent regarding all the activities for Teacher Appreciat...more

Stop Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week -- Unless You're Going to Do Something Else

Back when I was teaching in Canada (Linguistics courses at the University of Toronto), there was no Teacher Appreciation Week. I’m not even sure there was a Teacher Appreciation Day. And I find myself wondering if there should be one anywhere.Don't get me wrong. I know from experience that teachers work hard. I know that they are vital to the continuing success of our society and even of our planet. In my opinion, education, and therefore teachers, are key to just about everything.So why don't I think we should have Teacher Appreciation Week? Because I don't think society is truly appreciating teachers the way that we should....more
very interesting points. i agree. i think during TAW they should give teachers the FREEDOM to ...more

Great, affordable ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Looking for some great ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8) that won’t break the bank? Here are some from moms who spend a lot of time volunteering at their children’s school and know teachers deserve a special thanks for all they do. A homemade dinner with friends ...more