How To Become A Millionaire On A Teachers Salary In 20 Years

Another fantastic podcast by Josh, if you are not a teacher, please do not let the title of the podcast turn you away. There is valuable information shared that will benefit all of us....more

Paris memories, classes and borrowing Nicholas Sparks

There will be people you meet in your life that make imprints on you almost on first immediate contact and they remain in your memories through the days of your life....more

Celebrating World Teachers' Day by Remembering a Remarkable Woman

This is a reprint of an obituary I wrote for my former gymastics coach, Lenke Szathmary, after she passed away 18 months ago. I thought it would be appropriate to share it in time for World Teachers' Day, which is celebrated annually on October 5. ...more

Goodbye to my 30's & Embracing My Inner 9th Grader

There is something about teaching 9th grade English that I find magical and rewarding.  Unlike sophomores who teeter between tinges of optimism, cynicism and weariness, and juniors who wearily and anxiously anticipate, “this will be over soon”, or seniors who know “this will be over soon,” freshmen are an abundance of emotion- enthusiasm, dread, and indifference, or a mixture of each- for the newness and strangeness of high school.  They have left their ordinary worlds of middle school and have embarked on a journey that will most often leave them feeling like they have be...more

5 Things Teachers Want Parents to Know About Back to School

It’s back to school time. Right now the excitement and energy are high, routines are new, and (most) kids and parents are happy. And then Meet the Teacher Night rolls around, and we get our first impressions of the person who will spend their days with our precious babies. He/She will talk about homework, grading, communications, snack policies, schedules, and hopefully about what the goals are for the year. And if you are really lucky, you will acquire insight into what type of vibe the teacher will have in the classroom for that year. ...more
Really good article! I can't believe some parents bully teachers. I think that is so rude.  ...more

Why I Heart Teachers -- All of them

I have such an admiration for teachers. Not just because I believed the words that Whitney Houston belted out two decades ago that our children are the future, but because I believe they are above us mere mortals.I feel like they have super powers. Like the way they can make 27 six-year olds quiet down with a simple clap or get a rowdy group of 10th graders to pass a state assessment test. And do I even need to mention the ones that put their own lives at risk to protect students from violent perpetrators? ...more

The Realities of Serving as a Teacher Today

To become a teacher today takes tremendous devotion, a love of teaching, and resilience.  Having taught both high school and college for many years, I must say that teaching can be an incredibly rewarding profession. There is truly nothing as satisfying as that ah-ha moment one sees when a student finally gets it....more


One of my earliest memories is Kindergarten.I remember the room.  The lockers had a different animal on each one.I remember nap time.  We laid on a towel to rest.   Mrs. Wallace was my teacher.  ...more