My long and fulfilling journey to teaching

My family photoI’VE always wanted to become a teacher ever since I became more aware of the world around me....more

Women + Education: Jayn Doe/North America/2014

Jayn Doe/North America/2014 53 per cent of women, and 48 per cent of men, self-identify as feminists, according to an Ipsos poll which was conducted in 15 developed countries. This group of self-identified feminists includes Jayn. Through Jayn’s recent observations as a feminist and a in her occupation as a teacher, she has become troubled. Jayn speaks with foreboding, in particular, for young women....more

An Open Letter to My College Freshmen

“You can’t be a ‘professor’!” Pete exclaimed, incredulous, as he almost spat out the scrambled eggs that he busily shoveled into his face. “Look at your hair! And look at how you dress!”...more
carlaleest That is too kind of you!  Life is absolutely insane - I wish someone would have ...more

Excuse me, but what is a fraction?


Homeschooling Workstations: My Favorite Part of the Day

     One of my favorite things to do is set up workstations for my kids.  We just call them "stations" and my kids really look forward to days when we do them as well.  Over the next few weeks, I'd like to share my favorite stations.  Maybe you will find a way to incorporate them into your school day as well.  Stations are designed to encourage independent learning, creativity, and build certain skills you want your child to continue to improve at.    ...more

Rewrite Your Job Description

What’s your job description? Not your title or that document outlining your daily tasks and requirements, but how do YOU describe the essence, attitude and outcome of your efforts “at work”? For me, it’s not really about ‘work’, ‘labor’, ‘duties’ or ‘tasks’. It’s more about embracing what I am called to do, realizing what I can’t and can do, and advancing those actions and that mindset in each and every encounter....more

Are they inspired to be better than us?

When I entered high school (I went to an all-girls school), the least useful subject was Guidance (it’s now called Life Orientation). It was supposed to guide us in things not related to academics.Imagine my surprise when the 1st lesson of Grade 8 was the screening of a grainy black and white movie of a woman giving birth. There was no introduction or preamble or anything approximating sex education.What message do you think was being given to us by the department of education in all its wisdom?...more

It is the end...

The end of the school year is approaching rather quickly and I am not sure I am ready for it. Last year around this time, I had to say goodbye to a couple coworkers that I truly cherish and it has been so very hard this year without them. It truly has. There are always changes as a teacher. Each year is different. However, when you work with people that make you laugh, make you think, and can be yourself is so hard to be without them. Every single day I miss them still and it  has been months and months. This year, I will say goodbye to even more coworkers....more