Toddler's Fascination With Dog Food

Our son is fascinated with our dog’s food.  Every time we feed the dog or he helps feed the dog, the food ends up all over the carpet and tile.  It’s as though the dog food is a toy to him. He even puts the food in little bowls and pots for the little play kitchen set....more

The Crooked Swan by Julie Helm...a must read for every woman in America

The Crooked Swan by author Julie Helm is a must read for everyone. Enter the world of Kayla, a professional dancer, who reluctantly commits to help teach dance for a desperate friend. Experience Kayla's fear when she meets Narissa, a little girl who is more angel than child, who wants nothing more than to dance with grace and beauty like her peers. Discover the joy and love found in coming to understand imperfection and the courage it takes to truly forgive. The Crooked Swan is no ordinary is a life-changing unforgettable story worth every moment of your time....more

Band Aids for Thanksgiving

Earlier this week, I was explaining what would happen on Thanksgiving eve to my daughter....more

I fell from a 2 story building while trying to show my children how unsafe it was

I remember in school it was called an Object Lesson. I liked those lessons best because I am a very visual person. I still remember the way my parents taught us, at a very young age, about not running out into the road. My parents lined us up on the sidewalk and my mother got in the car. She drove out of the driveway and then slowly pulled out in the road directly in front of us. The window was down and she said "If you run out into the road you will be smashed." Then my father put a large orange in the street right in front of the tire of the car. ...more

Being non-judgmental: A lesson not just for our children

As a mother of two boys, I strive to model the way that I would want them to act.  Am I perfect?...more

Helping Our Kids Become Helpers

Have your kids ever surprised you with the things that they are capable of? I feel like it happens all of the time! Kids are naturally eager to learn and love to help and feel useful. Join in on the discussion about teaching our kids helpful life skills and having fun in the process!(Join me at Missionary Moms, a place to find resources, encouragement, and community for moms on the world-wide mission field!)...more