Teaching Kids Compassion

Compassion. We all know what it feels like, but how do you define it? My favorite explanation states that compassion is caring plus action.  We can feel sympathy or even empathy for someone and not be moved to a response. We can help others, but not really care. Compassion is the best of both worlds....more

Why I Teach My SON to Bake (Homemade Famous Chicken Pot Pie)

  Hanging in my kitchen, next to the accurate sign that says "I love hugs and I love kisses, but what I really love is help with the dishes", there is a framed photo collage of my little one baking with me as a baby....more


How well do we accept coaching? Are we receptive to teaching moments? Without judgment. Without the internal voice speaking over the one teaching.This is where my report card would read ‘Needs improvement.’ By some miracle, D and I have been able to pass this lesson on to the kids with some success. We totally planned it that way.Maybe.Or not.Whatever, I’ll take it....more

How to raise more grateful children

When things aren’t going well, we can use gratitude to cultivate a new mindset. If we think of failure as something to be thankful for, a necessary step in learning, we are embracing growth and challenge. With a fixed-mindset, you are defined by your mistakes—failure is an identity, not an event—which makes thankfulness seem impossible....more

A Priceless Conversation with my Daughter

Today will be a short post, because I spent most of my day in manic productivity. I wish I could say all of that energy resulted in words, but I did make progress there, too. And I cleared up my calendar for some serious writing tomorrow....more

Teaching at the Table

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmOurs is not a homeschooling family.I'm not that brave, but my hat is off to all those that are.That being said, I do try to make sure the little buggers are learning a few things now and then. Even when they're NOT in school....more

How to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike Without Losing Your Mind (hint: Get Help)

How to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike (hint: Get Help)  ...more

You Get What You Get

Last weekend the husband and the kiddo had a date. He would kill me for saying that, he gets all weirded out when I call it a date. But that's what it was. A dad and his son, out on the town, living it up. McD's style. Playland, yo! Of course on this date, dinner was bought. Along with the ever popular, collectible Happy Meal toys. Can I just tell you how many of these things are lying around the house? Scattered under the couch. More likely than not, wedged in the couch cushions. Probably buried in the back of my car, plotting their revenge....more

Giving from the Heart: Tips for Raising Thoughtful, Generous Kids

Giving My All My earliest memory of donating my own money was when I was about 8 years old....more

Haiti. I can't turn away.

I've been unable to write for the past few days. Everything I want to say about my life, my daily aggravations, how I'm trying to stretch and grow, who I am... It all feels frivolous and incredibly self-absorbed. Wherever I turn, the news of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti calls out. And, what it says is this... You are blessed. You are incredibly blessed with your life, and what you have. What are you going to do with it? ...more