Grocery Shopping on a Budget: Teaching Life Skills to My Older Kids

My older two kids (8 and 6) are old enough now that I've begun to feel I should be teaching them life skills beyond using the toilet and bathing. For several months, they have been responsible for folding and putting away their laundry and their three-year-old brother's laundry. Soon, the three-year-old will be assigned to assist them with it, but he's still more of a hindrance than a help. The oldest recently volunteered to completely take over doing their laundry, now that he's finally tall enough to reach the dryer, which is stacked atop the washing machine....more

We Wish Our Parents Taught Us To Be Rich

My husband "Sven" and I spent out in our twenties (well, my 20′s – Sven is four years older)....more

How Kids and Money Can Mix

Kids and Money ...more

How Much Do You Tell Your Kids About the Financial Crisis?

I wrote at BlogHer a couple of weeks ago about how parents can deal with the issue of teens and tweens who are desiring expensive, designer clothes. A healthy, common-sense discussion ensued, with many parents chiming in with their hopes of teaching their kids about contentment, frugality and reasonable expectations. ...more

I think it is important to be realistic with children about the fact that everyone is being ...more