Explaining the September 11 Memorial to Kids

Earlier this year, my family went to see the National 9/11 Memorial in New York City. It was a site that my husband Kyle, my in-laws, and I really wanted to visit. So did thousands and thousands of other people that day. While we were waiting in the long line and going through multiple security checkpoints, it struck me that each of us was bringing our own memories of those tragic events to reconcile at the site. We will never forget where we were when the attacks happened (I was on my way to work at the TV station) or how we felt (and grieved) in the days and months that followed....more

Letter to Princess on 9/13/01

Princess was not quite 18 months old. Hubby had to go to a conference in Baltimore so I asked my parents to come stay with me for that week. After 18 months I was still not quite confident enough to be a mom alone for a whole week. I'm so glad that they were here. On Thursday of that week ten years ago, I started a letter to Princess.  I wanted to write it down for her while I was still experiencing it - before I had blocked anything out or chosen not to remember.  I read it to myself every year around this time.  And I still remember everything....more
Beautiful (and terrible) imagery: "those two proud giants so wounded". This is why we write. I ...more

On That Day: Teaching Our Children About 9/11

Parental instinct often leads us to shelter our children from the “bad” of the world. The far-reaching coverage of the tenth anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 have made that shielding almost impossible this year. If you’ve walked past a magazine in the grocery store, turned on your TV or loaded a news website with your child looking over your shoulder, your kids have likely seen or heard murmurings of what happened ten years ago. So how do you deal with it? ...more
We added another book to our list this year: ...more