Why Parents Should Embrace Dennis Rodman, Chris Christie and Mayor Rob Ford

At the ages of 8 and 11 my kids ask lots of questions about the news, gone are the days of spelling bad words and turning on cartoons. When they ask "Why?", I'd like to be able to say "Go ask Google."  but I can't. More often than not, there is a lesson to be learned....more

Sowing Good Seeds this Christmas - Real Values for the Holidays

We all tell our children to be kind to others. To treat others as we want to be treated. To be considerate and compassionate of others. And yet, we still fight the "me" mentality and struggle to convey what giving gifts symbolizes. Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or just the season has simply become a way for kids to get goodies and adults stretched so thin between engagements, they can't wait for the season to slow down. I got to thinking that this season isn't about what I am going to buy, wrap, or get; it needs to be about what I am going to do....more

I think the kindness list might be the best gift I can give my son this year. I have to admit, ...more

Sitting In Silence

I’m in America for a few days spending some time with my daughter before she returns to school for her last semester of college. While we were in the car yesterday, we were talking  and playing tug of war with the radio dial while I was driving. I was trying to focus on what she was saying as well as navigating the car and we went back and forth with the volume control until finally she said, “ I don’t like to sit in silence.”   ...more

Beautifully said.more