Dream Big - The US Women's National Soccer Team and My Daughters

The world we live in today is one unlike any other in history for little girls like mine.When we tell them that they can fly into outer space, that they can save lives, that they can run companies, that they can someday become President, we know that we are telling them the truth. They can dream big and know that those dreams are possible. ...more

Saturday Night Lights

Last year, I got a wild hair and joined a women's football team.  Full-contact, of course.  It was one of the craziest things I've ever done, and one of the best. I reconnected with a high school friend on Facebook who was a veteran member of the team, and I thought it would be a great idea to join.  Forget distance (the team is in a city an hour away), gas prices, time spent.......this sounded like something I needed to do.  I had never played a team sport and wanted to see what it was like....more

Snippets From The Sidelines

“You only get so much field time because your parents are friends with the coach.” "You always get the solos because your mom volunteers in the class so much.” “I always score low because you’re so competitive and intimidate me.” "It's a good thing there were 5 spots or else you wouldn't have placed at all." “You’ll  never get into the college you want if you stay in this school district.” “Only weird kids are in the gifted classes.” ...more

When to Take the First Swing: Organized Youth Sports

Nota Bene: Mama's got a work deadline this week. So, after much negotiating, pleading and persuading, Dear Husband agreed to guest post for me this week. Maybe just today, maybe through Wednesday, but you just might see some Fatherly Advice on Friday....more

Are We Raising Whiners or Winners?

My son is only three so I still consider myself a new parent. He is too young to participate in group sports but I am quickly learning that the nature of competitive sports is changing. I've heard that in some leagues all of the children participating receive trophies - both the winners and the losers. I truly believe in building self-esteem but I wonder about the necessity of taking such measures to prevent children from being upset because of a loss. At least, I assume that is the rationale for this type of action. ...more

I agree with you, as would David Walsh, Ph.D., author of No! Why Kids--of All Ages--Need to Hear ...more

Healthy Body Initiative: Team Sports

For some odd reason whenever I think about getting some exercise I always thing about things that I would do alone, things like going to the gym or riding a bike or going on a run. Occasionally I with think things like Oh yeah, I could get someone to play tennis with me or Maybe I can trick Devra into coming over here and walking a couple of days a week so that exercise isn't so boring. ...more